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The Benefits Of Couriers

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Couriers are perfect for businesses wishing to save money, and increase their productivity and efficiency when it comes to carrying out multiple deliveries in a day.

This leads to a better experience for customers who can schedule their day around the time of their delivery.

Today is all about how fast and efficient we can make things. The expectation of when an order will be delivered is completely different to a few years ago.

We want things to arrive today or in the next few days, along with an exact time of its arrival, not the next few weeks.

What Is A Courier?

A courier delivery service provides door-to-door deliveries of packages and documents for a range of businesses, using their own vehicle to reach each and every destination.

Whilst couriers have been used for some time by places such as banks and hospitals, the surge in online shopping has increased this profession’s demand.

External vs Internal Courier Services

When deciding on a courier service you’ll come across the options of an internal and external courier delivery service.

An internal courier service is when you run the deliveries within your business whilst an external courier service is managed by a third party who uses its own facilities for a considerable fee.

If you choose to go with an external courier service it does provide some benefits, however, there are also significant disadvantages.

Here are just a few of the many issues you could be faced with should you choose an external courier:

1. Delayed Deliveries
Larger courier companies, such as the Australian Post, struggle to meet the demand of today’s forever increasing online shopping and e-commerce sales.

This means frustrating delays and deliveries at the wrong location that can ultimately lead to bad customer experiences, potentially damaging your business’s reputation.

2. Lack Of Communication
With external courier services there is always the possibility of miscommunications which can lead to misunderstanding.

This can ultimately disrupt the flow of your business, adding to the pressure of meeting deadlines.

Poor communication does not only negatively impact your business but also the customer’s experience, especially if they are consistently let down by missed deliveries, long delays and terrible service.

3. You Aren’t In Control Of The Fleet
Using an external courier service means you don’t have as much control as you would with an internal courier.

It provides less visibility, so if a customer calls asking where they order is, you know as much as they do.

Also, the route planned specifically benefits the courier, you are a stop on their route, meaning your deliveries might be rushed, delayed, or changed based on their workload.

With that in mind, it’s best to go with an internal courier service.

How Can Adding An Internal Courier Service Into Your Business Help You Out

Building your own internal courier service will save you money in delivery costs and provide you with better communication between you and your team as updates can be made more frequently and deliveries can be monitored.

It’s a great way to increase the efficiency of your business, creating freedom and flexibility that’ll in turn, guarantee great customer service.

1. Save Money
Today, the price of just about everything is increasing rapidly, so it’s become important that your business saves money wherever you can.

With an internal courier team, you can cut back on delivery costs and stop paying for the overheads of another business. This allows you to invest further into your business.

You can be assured that your deliveries will be on time and your customers satisfied without the outstanding costs.

2. Freedom And Flexibility
Internal couriers allow for freedom and flexibility in terms of the direction of your delivery services. Small couriers can accommodate any last-minute deliveries without it significantly disrupting their schedules.

That way more deliveries can be successfully completed, increasing productivity for your business.

3. Better Communication
Having an efficient system of communication is crucial in ensuring orders are successfully delivered and customers are satisfied with the service they’ve received.

Internal courier services allow the exchange of information within the fleet in a way that’s more convenient and efficient for team members.

Updates can be made more frequently and deliveries can be monitored so you have complete visibility of its whereabouts.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding A Courier?

Building a courier team is a great way to grow your business and ensure great service for all your customers. You can be confident in trustworthy drivers whose priority is to deliver every order with care, in a timely manner.

No more worrying about third parties being involved as you’ll be completely in control of your own fleet, allowing better communication between you and your team.

1. Increased Visibility Of Deliveries
With increased visibility of your drivers, you can be reassured that they are where they need to be. You can see if there are any delays and if the deliveries have been successful.

You can even share a link to track deliveries, so customers will know the status and location of their order.

2. Confidence In Trustworthy Drivers
Trustworthy couriers will treat every order with care so that they make it to their destination safely. Their services allow you to track the status of multiple orders so you’ll know when they have arrived.

Having confidence in your drivers will give you peace of mind in knowing that every delivery is in safe hands.

3. You Prioritise Deliveries
Having your own courier team allows the freedom and flexibility to prioritise your deliveries. You can permit any last-minute deliveries and schedule deliveries based on the level of urgency.

Customers who need their order as soon as possible will feel seen and heard when they are put as a higher priority, leading to better reviews and more repeat customers for your business.

4. Improved Customer Service
Providing customers with great service should be at the top of your priorities. By hiring couriers, it improves the communication between your team and customers.

If a customer calls up to inquire about where their order is, you can give the correct information quickly because you can see where each of your deliveries and vehicles are.

5. No More Relying On Someone Else To Complete The Job
Ever heard the saying if you want the job done right you’ve got to do it yourself? This couldn’t be more accurate with hiring courier services to carry out your deliveries.

You’ll be in complete control of your fleet, monitoring their whereabouts till the delivery is completed.

Being accountable for your own team will also lead to better productivity that’ll help the efficiency of the business.

Build Your Own Courier Team

Whether you’re worried about not having visibility of deliveries, have dealt with delays or lost parcels, or just want a team of drivers you can trust to treat your customers right, there is a clear benefit to having your own courier team.

If you want to learn more about how we can help your business, click here to book a free demo.

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