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What Does Proof Of Delivery Mean?

proof of deliveries means
proof of deliveries means

In 2022, proof of delivery is crucial to the success of thousands of businesses across Australia and the globe. Playing an important role in secure delivery, delivery performance and ultimately, customer satisfaction, evidence of delivery has become necessary to avoid the unfortunate circumstances of unfounded claims or package theft. So, what is proof of delivery? More to the point – what does proof of delivery mean for Australian delivery, field-service, and e-commerce businesses?

What Is Proof of Delivery?

proof of delivery

To put it simply, proof of delivery (POD) refers to the receipt that proves that an order has successfully arrived at its intended destination.

Proof of delivery involves the delivery driver providing evidence that delivery has successfully been completed. Whether it be an electronic signature, photographic evidence or a paper signature, proof of delivery is generally used for e-commerce packages, food deliveries, and upon completion of a service.

POD will typically include the time of delivery, full delivery address, name and signature of customer and photographic evidence (depending on the service provider). This proof will protect both the delivery provider and the consumer against unfounded claims that the delivery or service has not been completed.

As the average Australian consumer, you have likely experienced POD alongside your online shopping or food delivery experiences – think Air Tasker, Uber & Deliveroo.

The Move to Electronic POD

Traditionally, proof of delivery has referred to a paper signature. A physical document that a customer signs upon delivery or completion of service, today’s modern consumer is likely more familiar with an electronic proof of delivery.

Electronic proof of delivery, or ePOD, refers to the digital replacement of the old-school signature on a piece of paper. For businesses, the introduction of ePOD has helped automate and streamline the documentation of delivery. Companies, distributors, and field service managers may opt for an electronic signature or photographic evidence as ePOD. The ePOD is then sent to the customer via email or a link containing all relevant information as a delivery receipt. This allows for instant details and an image of the receiver’s signature.

With so many apps, tracking and capabilities at our fingertips, your customers want to know if, when and how their deliveries or services have been completed. It is abundantly clear that proof of delivery is paramount for Australian businesses – e-commerce, delivery, and service. For businesses, proof of delivery reduces human error, provides more accountability, and saves on unnecessary costs required to replace or redo a job.

Today, hundreds of software providers deliver ePOD capabilities that are better, more streamlined and with higher levels of automation than ever before. Depending on the software utilised, companies can opt to capture multiple photos of physical delivery, scan barcodes and QR codes, document failed delivery reasons, receive customer comments, detail the name of the recipient and access geo-location with customisable features. As ePOD proof of delivery receipts becomes more prevalent and advanced, customers and business owners will continue to expect a higher level of accountability.

What Does Proof of Delivery Mean for Businesses?

proof of delivery for business
Locate2u – Retail

Higher customer satisfaction

POD delivers a better customer experience (literally). With increased visibility and accountability from their delivery providers, users experience a higher level of customer satisfaction as they have complete access to what is happening with their products at all times. Previously, it was not uncommon to hear of packages not being delivered, drivers losing parcels, and deliveries being marked as complete before they were. With proof of delivery, you, as the business owner, have full visibility over each customer’s order completion and, therefore, satisfaction.

Improves delivery performance 

Proof of delivery improves delivery performance. Fleet management now includes complete visibility over every order, delivery provider, and customer interaction with completed delivery with advanced technology. POD can help quickly identify when and where an error has occurred, making it easier than ever before to mitigate any problems. 

Increased automation also means more accountability for every single parcel and delivery made – improving overall performance and reducing the need for replacement deliveries or jobs that need to be redone.

Protection against unfounded claims 

Proof of delivery works to prevent and protect against unfounded claims that a job has not been completed or something has gone wrong. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for customers to post fake reviews or attempt to get free products by falsely stating that they did not receive their package. POD means that business owners can quickly and easily prove that this is not true – a receipt will show the date and time the goods were shipped, the time it was delivered and the customer’s own signature upon delivery.

What Does Proof of Delivery Mean for Customers?

customer ratings

Visibility over delivery

Instant gratification means that customers can have almost anything they want, whenever they want. The next best thing? Having full visibility of the journey that said thing takes to get to the final destination, including proof of delivery. POD allows customers to receive updates when, where, and how a delivery was made, including who signed for it.

Proof of delivery also protects from porch pirates! POD means that deliveries are less likely to be stolen – when received, customers can personally bring their items out of public view or have a neighbour pick them up if they are not home.

Peace of mind

Proof of delivery provides peace of mind for the customer. With high volume delivery platforms, it’s not uncommon for errors to be made and for customers to not receive deliveries on time or at all. Proof of delivery means that the job will only be ticked off once the customer has physically signed for the job’s completion, ensuring that the customer has full assurance that they are receiving exactly what was ordered within the predicted time frame. 

Contactless interaction 

As social distancing continues to be encouraged, electronic proof of delivery allows for safe and simplified contactless interactions between the delivery driver and the consumer. ePOD allows businesses to provide customers with their service or delivery status and the steps they can take to assist in a contactless delivery.

Proof of Delivery with Locate2u

One of the most leading features of Locate2u software is electronic proof of delivery. Improve customer satisfaction by capturing electronic POD, sending a link or capturing photographic evidence – the choice is yours. With proof of delivery, your team can account for the location of the delivery whilst customers have peace of mind in knowing where it was stored and who signed for it. Request a demo today to see how your team can take advantage of Locate2u and our POD capabilities.

Locate2u is the leading delivery and field service management software that allows Australian and international businesses to successfully track fleet, optimise routes, share location, manage bookings, and provide proof of delivery. For more information on how Locate2u can benefit and automate your business, book a demo, or get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team today online or on 1300 163 087.

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