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What Does White Glove Delivery Mean?

glove delivery meaning
glove delivery meaning

Over the last couple years delivery has evolved from just clothes, consumer goods and groceries, to include more premium items like household appliances, furniture and even jewellery. This has opened the door for white glove delivery to cement their niche in the market.

What is White Glove Delivery?

White glove delivery is a delivery service that goes beyond the simple pick-up and drop off that other items being delivered require. A delivery is considered a white glove service if a product requires installation or is being placed inside a customer’s home 

Additionally, this type of delivery guarantees the items are treated with ultimate care in transit, and any post installation issues are also catered for by the business. 

These are just the broad details, now let’s delve into the actual details that separate white glove services from your average delivery.

on time delivery

On Time, Every Time

What does white glove delivery mean? No delays. White glove delivery deals with more expensive and fragile goods than a regular courier. Goods that are more prone to theft and damage and can’t be left somewhere secure for the recipient to pick up later. This means delays are out of the question.

Delivering inside the customer’s chosen delivery window isn’t a benefit of a white glove delivery service, it’s a guarantee.

Extra Package Protection

A lot of products that require white glove services are too fragile for, or don’t fit in a regular cardboard box you can get at the post office. They need more protection. They might need bubble wrap, custom shaped cardboard boxes, wooden crates, packing peanuts, or any other layer of packing protection you can think of.

White glove services go above and beyond with packaging to ensure customer satisfaction when they receive their delivery. Providing impeccable packaging for each and every product is one of those little things that sets white glove services apart. 

delivery package protection

The Right Tool For Every Job

Delivering furniture and dishwashers on time is great, but what if it can’t be assembled or installed at the point of delivery because it got banged up on the drive over. 

Just because the jewellery being delivered is in bubble wrap doesn’t mean you should leave it unsecured and then drive like a maniac to test the quality of the protective packaging.

Admittedly these are extreme examples, but it’s just to show another area where white glove deliveries stand out. The drivers are trained professionals, with standards and regulations in place to make sure that no damage whatsoever is inflicted on any package. 

White glove delivery makes this task easier by using the right vehicle for each delivery type, whether that’s refrigerated and temperature controlled vehicles, padded vans and trucks, or vehicles with CCTV surveillance installed. This helps keep the packages pristine, resulting in more happy customers.

Increased Visibility For Customers

Speaking of happy customers, a common feature used by white glove delivery services to keep customers in the loop is live tracking. Having visibility of your driver lets customers know that their package will arrive on time and gives them confidence that it hasn’t been stolen or lost.

A software like Locate2u gives you this visibility and updates the ETA as the driver approaches so you know exactly how much longer you have to wait.

delivery user experience

So Do They Wear Gloves Or Not?

Overall, it’s easy to see that a better delivery experience for highly fragile or expensive items is the true meaning of white glove delivery.

Are we all a little disappointed that they probably don’t actually wear white gloves? 

Of course we are!

However the peace of mind, accurate delivery times, extra safety and assurance you can receive from white glove delivery more than makes up for that small disappointment.

A simple way to begin meeting the demands of this fashion of delivery is implementing a software like Locate2u. Locate2u is an all-in-one platform that  gives customers visibility, improves route planning for faster deliveries and optimises your routes. This helps you ensure you provide high quality delivery for your customers, whether you’re delivering groceries or diamond necklaces. 

Click here to see how Locate2u can help your business meet the white glove standard.

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