What Is Field Service Management?

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If you’re wanting to optimise business operations and create a more organised process for team members, then finding a quality field service management software is key for your success. 

This article will help in understanding what is field service management and its overall importance for businesses. 

Don’t spend hours researching all kinds of field management softwares, Locate2u is here to help! Locate2u can help save your business time and money by managing bookings, optimising routes, offering real-time tracking and so much more. 

Before getting into what Locate2u is all about and why it’s the most reliable option, below will highlight what field service management is and its importance to improving your business’ performance. 

What Is Field Service Management 

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Field service management involves the process of overseeing and improving the efficiency of company workers, service, operations on site and equipment. Field service management integrates the operations of assigning work, scheduling work orders, dispatching team members and managing company resources. 

Field service management involves the following:

Work order processing

 Gives technicians details they require about the job that’ll be carried out, such as who is assigned and what work must be completed. 

Job scheduling: 

Involves the process of creating and coordinating the schedule of your team members. 


Provides details of the job needing to be completed such as location, deadlines, equipment needed and instructions. These orders can be sent through email, SMS or app downloaded on a smartphone. 

Inventory management:

Manages your business’ equipment and resources so you can prepare your team members for what they need to complete the job.


You can monitor your team members and field service managers on field performance. This allows you to accumulate information regarding arrival times, response times, and other factors that help you determine your workers overall performance. 

Contract management: 

You can manage contracts with customers to accommodate any changes and ensure service level agreements (SLAs) are fulfilled. 


This involves the process of payment for the completion of work by field workers. Field service management systems enable the automation of an invoicing solution.

The Importance Of Field Service Management 

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Now the question of ‘what is field service management?’ has been answered, the next step is understanding the importance of field management and how it can benefit your business. 

Keeping your business organised and operating smoothly can be a tricky task to uphold. However, having a field management system can end up enhancing your deliveries, improving team members performances and keeping your customers happy. 

Here’s some of the benefits of using a field service management system:

  1. Route optimisation

Route optimisation reduces the stress of a daunting workload by turning the hours spent manually optimising routes into seconds. Route optimisation is an important aspect of field service management that takes into account factors such as the availability of drivers, the number of stops and their locations. By automating the most efficient routes, you can transport costs, save time and increase your team’s productivity. 

  1. Real-Time Tracking 

Reliable field management systems include real-time tracking, a feature that lets you see the location of your driver in real-time. Such visibility gives you unprecedented access to your team members’ whereabouts, ensuring they are on the right track and carrying out deliveries as productively as possible. Your customers can also have access to real-time tracking, accounting for more accurate ETA’s that’ll help give them a better experience. 

  1. Streamline Work Orders 

With a field service management system, you can send jobs to your team members to their smartphone. These can include optimised routes to designated sites, customer information and the generation of service reports. This flow of information improves the communication between you and your team members, as well as keeping them up to date with any changes throughout the day. 

What Is A Field Service Manager

A field service manager revolves around the management of company resources and employees whilst they work on site. Field service managers oversee day-to-day operations such as the management of worker activity, dispatching work, locating vehicles, scheduling and other activities. They also cover in-house staff and contractors. 

Field service managers play a crucial role in field service management as their job is to ensure that all operations run smoothly and efficiently, whilst keeping company activities organised. 

What Is Field Service Software 

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What is field service management software?

Field service software can be accessed through a smartphone or any other electronic device and has the capability to adjust and view invoices, work orders, schedules and customer information and history. This software allows businesses to be more efficient and flexible when it comes to providing quality service for their customers. 

The benefits of using a field service software for your business include the presence of proper scheduling. This software allows you to assign duties to your team members and make any last minute adjustments to accommodate your customers. Field service software saves you time in terms of planning and scheduling, increasing productivity for your business. 

Another important benefit is reduced costs. Saving money is important for all businesses and having the right field service management software can help you achieve this. It doesn’t matter the type of business, whether its logistics, plumbing or construction, this software will help you see where most of your spending comes from, allowing you to cut back on unnecessary costs. 

Choose Locate2u As Your Field Service Software

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Locate2u is the field service management software you’ve been looking for!

Locate2u helps manage your bookings, optimise your routes, offers real-time tracking and proof of delivery. All these features are built to establish flexibility for you and your team, whether you’re needing to make last minute changes to your schedule for the day or requiring better visibility of your team members. Locate2u’s quality technology improves communication between you and your customers through its real-time tracking, allowing you to give accurate ETA’s and notify your customer should there be any delays or complications throughout the delivery process.  

If you’re still asking yourself the question ‘what is field service software?’ and how it can benefit your business then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Locat2u team or click here for a free demo. It’s the first step to improving your business!

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