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What Is Fleet Maintenance?

Fleet maintenance
Fleet maintenance

What is Fleet Maintenance?

Practically speaking, fleet maintenance refers to the measures and actions taken to ensure your fleet of vehicles are fit for use and in working condition. As your fleet of vehicles will typically be one of your business’s major investments and the core of a delivery business model, fleet safety and reliability must be a paramount consideration.

When considering, “what is fleet maintenance?”, it is important to note that several influencing internal and external factors will affect the success of your fleet management.

Failure to take a regular, proactive approach to fleet maintenance will heighten the chance of your vehicle failing before its expected end-of-life date, subsequently resulting in a loss of revenue whilst potentially damaging your brand image.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “what does fleet maintenance mean?”, well you’ve come to the right place – Locate2u is an Australian software company delivering fleet management services that allow you to manage your workforce and efficiency, helping delivery businesses better meet the demands of their customers. Continue reading to learn about what fleet maintenance management is, and why it’s so important in our modern world.

Why Is Fleet Maintenance Important?

Fleet maintenance and management systems allow you to live track your vehicles and make sure they’re staying on schedule. When using fleet maintenance software, you’ll also receive access to insight and metrics such as driver behaviour, idle times, vehicle performance and more that you can use to help improve your fleet’s operational processes and working mechanisms.

Using fleet maintenance systems, you’re able to identify and correct inefficiencies that would otherwise result in unnecessary expenditure. As issues arise in real-time, you’re able to solve them or take note of the problems for later evaluation. Once solutions have been identified and put in place, your fleet becomes more efficient and cost-effective.

As the efficiency of your fleet improves, so does customer satisfaction. Happy customers result in repeat orders, great reviews, and more referrals, all of which lead to business growth! In a nutshell, effective fleet maintenance lowers the cost of repairs, decreases operational costs, and improves inspection outcomes.

Courier delivering packages
Courier delivering packages

Types of Businesses That Benefit from Fleet Management

If your company relies on many vehicles, you should be taking fleet maintenance seriously. Managers of these types of businesses need to ensure their vehicles are working effectively in order to maintain and build operational efficiency whilst reducing unexpected costs.

The following are examples of companies that need reliable and effective fleet maintenance processes:

  • Trucking companies: truck companies will benefit from tracking and monitoring their fleet during long-distance travel. Given that these trucks will rack up plenty of kilometres, it makes sense to proactively check the vehicle and ensure its performance to a high standard.
  • Car rental services: car rental companies would benefit from proper fleet management as customers need to be provided with a working, safe car that abides by regulation. Moreover, it could be beneficial to track these cars in the event anything less than ideal happens.
  • Farming businesses: effective farming relies on the efficiency and performance of the various vehicles and machines used. Regularly making sure these vehicles are functional is crucial to the long-term success of a farming business.
  • Delivery businesses: it almost goes without saying that delivery and courier companies should be relying on a management system that prioritises the efficiency of all fleet.

What Are the Challenges Faced in Fleet Maintenance and Management?

Fleet management can be challenging given the number of external influences that could affect the efficiency of your fleet. For example, increased costs in the car market may impede budget plans, legislation may affect operational processes, and poor weather conditions may delay delivery times.

So, what is fleet maintenance and its controllable factors? Here are some of the major challenges related to fleet maintenance and management:

Planning Efficiency

Proper planning of all things fleet maintenance, including cost, repairs needed, methods of repair, and more, will save money and time. In saying this, the money you spend on developing an effective fleet maintenance plan will be nothing compared to the costs associated with unexpected, preventable repairs.

Fuel Management

Whilst rising fuel prices are uncontrollable, fleet managers can evaluate various options to determine what fuel type of fuel management method delivers the most savings. Moreover, fleet managers can use fleet management telematics and optimize their drivers’ routes to expend less fuel, reducing overall expenditure.

Vehicle Acquisition

Vehicle acquisition is an essential aspect of fleet maintenance – the type of vehicle you purchase and its fuel consumption, insurance costs, and taxes will impact overall costs down the line. Fleet managers must also consider the lifespan of the vehicle and if it has resale value. Fleet managers should look to purchase reliable vehicles with a strong reputation, decent fuel usage, and resale value.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance is essential in maintaining a fully operational, effective fleet. Regular maintenance will be able to detect minor problems before they become sizeable issues, reducing costs.

It is recommended to use the service schedule provided by the manufacturer as a base foundation, and you can alter it to fit the needs of your operations. Maintenance can be scheduled based on mileage, fuel use and more. Regular vehicle maintenance tends to have a positive impact on future resale values.

Budgeting and Cost

Controlling costs is important to any business and fleet management is no exception. Analysis of metrics and data will expose avenues to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Examples of this would be lowered fuel consumption, driver behavior, and vehicle acquisition costs. Proper planning and budgeting are measured effective fleet managers must take to safeguard the reputation of the business, as well as its long-term future.

Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software is fleet managers’ main tool to navigate the challenges they face on a daily basis. But what fleet management software should be used? Which is the best? What is fleet maintenance management software?

Fleet maintenance software provides telematics that helps paint a picture of an organization’s efficiency. They work to reduce operational costs and improve proficiency by delivering services such as route optimization, booking management, GPS tracking, and more. The use of the data and metrics provided by fleet maintenance software makes it easier to keep your fleet in a thriving condition.

And when it comes to fleet management software, there’s only one choice – Locate2u.

Locate2u fleet management software
Locate2u fleet management software

The Best Fleet Management Software with Locate2u

Has manually tracking your delivery service been getting you down? Are you experiencing troubles with your fleet? Maybe you’re finding it hard to plan for the future.

You can remove all these stresses with one simple free download; Locate2u – the elite fleet management software. Locate2u’s fleet management software efficiently optimizes routes in one click, allows you to track your drivers’ live location, and makes planning much more manageable.

All the information you’ll ever need for fleet management is in one place. If you work in transport and logistics, services and trade, product delivery, food delivery, or construction and need a tracking solution, Locate2u is for you.

Download the app here. Save time and money, all while watching your business grow!

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