What is proof of delivery?

what is proof of delivery

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Knowing what is proof of delivery is only half the story!

Proof of delivery is a critical part of the logistics industry by confirming the completion of a delivery.

With the growth of contactless deliveries, POD is the best way to give customers and businesses peace of mind that goods have arrived safely.

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  • What is proof of delivery
  • Why is proof of delivery important
  • Types of proof of delivery
  • Benefits of electronic proof of delivery
  • Provide your customers POD with Locate2u
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What is proof of delivery?

Proof of delivery (POD) is a delivery receipt to confirm the customer has received their parcel. The customer will either sign a piece of paper or digital device upon their item’s arrival.

Errors can occur with any delivery so having proof of delivery gives both the recipient and sender peace of mind that goods have arrived safely, ultimately confirming the completion of the delivery.

proof of delivery advantages

Why is proof of delivery important?

Proof of delivery is critical for delivery businesses as it provides accountability for your drivers and verifies the arrival of goods at their assigned destination. This is extremely valuable when handling legal and financial documents, as well as fragile items.

A POD should only be signed if goods are undamaged, in good condition and having been delivered at the correct location.

POD enhances security for senders and delivery accuracy, and also customer satisfaction. Given the continuous growth of e-commerce, POD has become an essential part of the delivery process.

importance of proof of delivery

Types of proof of delivery

Paper POD

Paper POD is the traditional method in which the customer physically signs paper upon delivery. The difficult thing about paper POD is its inefficiency. Delivery drivers must enter this information into the database manually.

This means they can’t give real-time data to the sender which is why most carriers are now adapting to the fast pace of delivery operations with electronic POD.

Electronic POD

Electronic proof of delivery (e-POD) replaces pen and paper with a digital device that recipients sign to confirm their parcel’s successful arrival. Given an electronic signature is collected promptly, it reduces the time between the driver arriving and departing. It’s quick and efficient!

Once the recipient gives their signature they should receive a copy via email or their previous tracking link. This brings transparency to the transaction for the sender, recipient and even logistics teams operating behind the scenes.

Photo POD

Photo POD is where a driver will leave goods at the doorstep of the allocated destination and captures a photo as evidence of the delivery. The delivery confirmation SMS or email will have this image attached.

This is extremely beneficial for customers that are constantly on the go and are unable to be there the same time as the delivery driver. Photo evidence shows that the item has arrived and where it has been placed to avoid confusion.

Customers that aren’t home to retrieve their package can get someone to do it by sharing the POD image.

Photo POD

Benefits of electronic proof of delivery

Businesses providing e-POD can expect enhanced security, customer satisfaction, improved delivery accuracy, faster service and less paperwork!

Less paperwork

Not only is using less paper economically beneficial for the environment but is also means less paper work. Businesses wanting to make their delivery operation more productive then e-POD is the way to go.

Electronic POD removes the need for data to be manually entered into the database. No more processing delays as a result of distributing information in real time.

Happy customers

Meeting customer expectations today is a tricky task. They want to see exactly where their order is from start to finish.

Providing excellent service is crucial when it comes to customer retention and boosting the reputation of your business.

With electronic POD, customers receives verification their goods have arrived without having to call around for information. Depending on the type of e-POD system, you can offer customers notifications before and after the driver’s arrival via SMS or email, and a live tracking link.

This allows you to build trust and loyalty with your customers.

Faster service

Depending on the type of e-POD system, data can be delivered in real time and eliminates the need for drivers to return to the office and process a mountain of paperwork at the end of the day. Much faster than traditional proof of delivery!

Your team members will also be communicating through the app instead of making a number of phone calls. That way delivery information is clear and reduces the potential for misunderstandings.

Improved accuracy

Paper POD is limited to how many delivery details can be collected. That’s where electronic proof of delivery comes in.

You can capture photo evidence of an item and capture the precise location of where it was placed, the name of the recipient, signature confirmation, date and time of arrival.

Accessing this information gives businesses a better insight as to what is occurring throughout the day and what goods have been delivered successfully.

Improved accuracy

Provide your customers proof of delivery with Locate2u

If you’re looking for a proof of delivery system then look no further than Locate2u. Locate2u is a field and fleet management solution that streamlines your business’s delivery processes so you can save time, meet customer expectations and enhance your team’s performance.

Get in touch with our team and see if Locate2u is the proof of delivery software for you by clicking here!

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