What Is Threshold Delivery?

Threshold delivery

If you’re wondering exactly ‘what is threshold delivery?’ you’ve probably experienced it without evening knowing!

This article will break down exactly what this delivery option is, what it might cost and how it compares with other delivery services. Such insight might even help influence your future shipping decisions.

Let’s get into it shall we?

What is threshold delivery service?

Threshold delivery is an innovative delivery method in which a customer receives their item at their doorstep or the item is placed in a secure area.

This type of service and standard delivery often differ surrounding the type of product being shipped, taking into account size, weight and whether the item is of high value.

With size and weight constraints, most customers don’t want to do the heavy lifting on their own, meaning that these types of deliveries have to be made within a certain time frame.

This mode of delivery requires a signature from the customer, making it more of a secure option and helps keep products safe from theft and bad weather. By keeping items out of harms way you can boost customer satisfaction and reduce the risk of damaged or lost products.

threshold delivery service

How much does threshold delivery cost?

With threshold delivery, companies can offer free shipping or as an upgraded option. Delivery companies may charge a set price for the item being delivered based on the following factors:

  • Size of order
  • Price of product
  • Type of delivery vehicle
  • Delivery window
threshold delivery cost

What is over the threshold delivery?

Over the threshold delivery refers to the only shipping method available for specific large items. A freight trucking company will ship all items in this category and unload them in a secure area at the recipient’s property.

What is Threshold service level?

Threshold delivery can also be considered the next tier above standard delivery that most businesses and retailers offer their customers.

Upon placing an order, the customer choose the delivery option that best suits them at checkout. However, some businesses might not offer shipping services lower than threshold delivery, making it their basic level of service.

However, larger retailers may offer a multitude of delivery options for customers to choose from. These can include free standard, free curbside delivery, white glove delivery, appliance delivery and so much more!

Threshold service level

Threshold delivery vs White glove delivery

You can consider white glove delivery as the elder sibling of threshold delivery. They are both main options for deliveries that are indoor and scheduled.

Threshold delivery is the more affordable option and isn’t as time-consuming and broad for the driver as white glove delivery services are. It also involves the driver leaving the item in a secure place at the designated time frame. As mentioned earlier, a signature is also required.

Whereas white glove delivery service requires the carrier to bring the product to an allocated room and assists with the assembly.

threshold delivery vs White glove delivery

Types of items best suited for shipping

The best products for this method of delivery include packages that are mid-sized, aren’t too heavy for the customer to manage and aren’t difficult to assemble or install.

Basic threshold delivery is also a great option for packages that can only be placed in a garage or area with a larger entrance than a regular doorway.

items best suited for shipping

Below are some of the products that can be delivered via this service.

  • TVs
  • Mattresses
  • Pallets
  • Exercise equipment
  • Mid-sized furniture
  • Construction items
  • Home appliances

Best way to manage your delivery business

Locate2u is an all-in-one delivery management software that provides electronic proof of delivery so each booking is made accountable. By accessing signatures and images, you reduce the risk of customer disputes and loss of products as you’ll know exactly where and when a package was delivered.

You can also access real-time tracking and route optimization to enhance your delivery process and operational efficiency.

If you want to learn more about how Locate2u can support threshold delivery then in touch with our team by clicking here.

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