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What Makes A Reliable Courier

Courier Management

Courier Management

When looking for a reliable courier you have to consider what makes their service so reliable.

From technology to the ‘human touch,’ here are just a few of the many factors that make couriers trustworthy, making your search that little bit easier. 

Easy Booking 

Reliable couriers should make it easy for businesses wanting to use their services. Their website and apps should be intuitive, with a simple layout and easy to use tools, making it simpler for those wanting to book and send a parcel. They should also provide multiple delivery options to accommodate businesses who have time-sensitive packages. 


Transparency is key for improved communication between you, your drivers and customers. A reliable courier will have the right software and technology to ensure you are fully aware of the whereabouts of your delivery. This could include real-time tracking, which improves ETA’s for customers so they can anticipate the arrival of their order. 

Knowing where your driver is at all times is key for knowing whether the delivery has been successful or are encountering some delays. This means you can reach out to your customer and inform them of the issue at hand, creating a better experience for them rather than leaving your customer in the dark.

Pride in Their Image

Couriers represent the company they deliver for. Reliable courier services take care of their image – they wear uniforms, keep their trucks in tip-top shape, are courteous, and take care of the packages they deliver. If they make a good impression, the company they deliver looks good as well. 

  Excellent Customer Support

Delays, parcels being lost or ending up at the wrong address and any other issues are common during the delivery process. Even a reliable courier can sometimes get it wrong, however it’s how they deal with the problem that determines whether they are a trustworthy service. Providing excellent customer support is something dependable courier companies all strive for. Instead of just saying “it is what it is”, they are always looking for ways to improve their performance and give customers the best experience possible. 

Value for Money

The words cheap and reliable don’t really go together in terms of couriers. Price, although necessary, should ideally not be the primary basis for choosing a courier. When selecting one, you should see if their services offer what your business needs, whether it be real-time tracking or a range of delivery options such as same day delivery. In this case, spending more money on a reliable courier service is an investment that will better suit the efficiency of your business. 

They Deliver On Time

Customers today want their packages to be delivered as quickly as possible , and one late delivery could impact their use of your services in the future. Often arriving on time means being efficient during the last mile delivery – the point where deliveries are transferred to a vehicle going to the end customer.

Reliable courier services plan their routes efficiently using technology to guide them to the shortest and fastest route to the destination. This way, customers get their package delivered during the time promised by the company. A trustworthy courier service is essential to your business’ productivity and growth as they play a critical role in bridging your company and your customers. 

How Locate2u Makes A More Reliable Courier 

Say you’ve already built a courier team and struggle to give the most optimised routes in a time efficient way, keep up communication and determine their whereabouts throughout the day. Locate2u is a delivery service management system that offers route optimisation, GPS tracking, real-time tracking and a booking management system that’ll make your life as a business owner much easier. 

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