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Why is proof of delivery important?

Why is proof of delivery important?
Why is proof of delivery important?

In a world where contactless delivery has dominated the delivery industry, proof of delivery is the best way to assure customers their order has arrived safely. But why is proof of delivery important?

Also, how can your supply chain benefit by offering proof of delivery to customers?

This article will delve into exactly what is POD and the many benefits businesses can expect to experience by providing their customers with evidence of a delivery’s successful completion.

What is proof of delivery?

Proof of delivery (POD) is the recognition of an order having successfully arrived at the final destination. However, POD isn’t only relevant to food deliveries and e-commerce packages but also confirms that a service has been completed.

what is proof of delivery?
what is proof of delivery?

Why is proof of delivery important?

When purchasing an item in-store you should be given a receipt to prove your purchase. That way if the item needs exchanging or refunding, you have everything you need to carry out the process.

Proof of delivery acts as a receipt!

When items leave the warehouse and reach the customer’s assigned address, having proof of delivery is essential in providing evidence that the delivery has been completed successfully. This method is even more crucial when referring to an important delivery document, fragile and relatively expensive goods.

Proof of delivery boosts security for senders, improves delivery accuracy and customer satisfaction, as well as enhances operational efficiency. These benefits will be explored in more detail in the following paragraphs.

Types of Proof of Delivery

Electronic POD

Electronic proof of delivery (e-POD) is when the driver uses an electronic device to capture a customer’s electronic signature. That’s right! No pen and paper are required.

Upon the recipient’s signature, a digital copy is then emailed to the recipient OR can be downloadable via the tracking link previously sent.

E-POD also helps delivery agents to let fleet managers know the status of each delivery and identify delivery failures that can be rectified. That way these errors are not repeated.

Paper POD

Paper-based proof of delivery is the traditional way of capturing evidence that an order has arrived. This method requires the delivery driver to receive the customer’s signature on paper once the delivery has been completed.

This type of POD can be inconvenient for drivers given they must be manually entered into the database. Not to mention the sender doesn’t receive any real-time data.

Photo POD

Photo POD is when the driver captures a digital image upon leaving a package at the customer’s preferred destination. This photo will be allocated to the recipient’s confirmation SMS or email so they can see exactly where their parcel is.

Delivery driver on the phone
Delivery driver on the phone

Benefits of proof of delivery

Customer satisfaction

When important documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, etc. are being delivered, it’s paramount that customers see that it has been delivered safely. POD allows customers to see that their document has been delivered to the correct location.

Should something go wrong, the moment of error and package can easily be traced for a quick resolution.

Improves delivery accuracy

Accessing evidence that a delivery has been successfully completed means your business won’t have to lose money on replacing goods or offering refunds.

When it comes to services, customers can sign a POD to let delivery providers know the service has been completed and they are satisfied with the overall experience. Team members can include an image of the completed job.

This minimizes the possibility of having to repeat a job which would ultimately waste time and chew up costs.

Enhances operational efficiency

Electronic proof of delivery increases transparency within your delivery process, improving the traceability of shipments throughout your distribution channel. This means businesses can identify possible concerns prior to becoming large delivery risks.

Maintaining paper-based POD is highly inefficient given they can be easily misplaced or damaged. With electronic proof of delivery, you can cut down on costs and manual work associated with traditional POD so you can focus your time on other operations.

Better security

Customers that receive proof of delivery can ensure they bring the item in or if they’re not home, ask their neighbor to pick it up for them.

This reduces the likelihood of an item being stolen. Also, if an item has been misplaced then having visual evidence of where the item is can make the recovery process a lot easier. In doing so, minimizing the potential for fraud and duplication or replication of certain goods.

Additionally, POD helps reduce the potential for misunderstandings between businesses and customers. Having visual evidence that an item has been delivered successfully along with its condition protects businesses from possible disputes.

what is proof of delivery?
what is proof of delivery?

Capture proof of delivery with Locate2u

Locate2u is a delivery management software that doesn’t only offer a reliable proof of delivery system, but real-time tracking, route optimization and so much more!

This delivery software accommodates both the sender and customers for an all-around successful delivery experience.

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Founder and CEO at Zoom2u & Locate2u (ASX:Z2U). Steve has significant software development and entrepreneurial experience. Operating in the delivery space for more than 15-years, he actively contributes to the development of the industry. He has a strong focus on job management and job despatch systems.

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