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Drone innovation: Dronamics secures $10.8 million in funding

Drone innovation: Dronamics secures $10.8 million in funding
Drone innovation: Dronamics secures $10.8 million in funding

The world’s first cargo drone airline, Dronamics, has secured a funding agreement with the European Innovation Council. This equity investment of $10.8 million follows a previous grant of  $2.7 million in November 2022. 

In a statement, Dronamics says: “The continued support from the EIC demonstrates the potential of the cargo mobility solution Dronamics has developed for the European economy at large, as well as the wider global economy.” 

Commercial drone operations 

The funding will be allocated to establish and commence commercial operations as early as this year after completing the flight test program. With over 300 inhabited islands, Greece stands as the initial market for these operations. 

Introducing a swifter, more cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable air freight solution has the potential to significantly benefit local businesses and communities.

Dronamics on a middle-mile logistics mission 

Dronamics is committed to enabling universal access to same-day delivery services worldwide. Specializing in the design, construction, and operation of high-payload remotely piloted aircraft, such as the Black Swan, the company is revolutionizing logistics. 

With a remarkable capacity of up to 350kg, comparable to a small van, the Black Swan can cover extensive distances, reaching up to 2,500km. This capability facilitates swift deliveries from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo in Japan, Taipei in Taiwan, or Perth in Australia.

Locate2u has been following Dronamics in recent months. Last month, in an exclusive interview, the business’ director of global communications and public relations, Severina Grozeva, said: “Since the very beginning, our focus has been on the middle mile, as we believe that this is where cargo drones can make a huge difference.” 

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Drones around the world 

There are several reasons drones are being used for delivery. The standout has to be the speed of delivery. Drones fly above ground and are not restricted by traffic. Another factor is that deliveries will not be hampered by labor shortages, and they may be in flight during a lunch hour when a person has to take breaks, but the drone does not. 

Drones are cost-effective. Imagine a courier fleet’s fuel bill at the end of each month. The drone does not travel on roads, so there is less wear and tear on the drone than a vehicle. Vehicles may also be stranded at a service center for a particular problem. Car repairs can be costly. In addition, drones do not emit toxic fumes. Drones can travel above rough terrain and provide an aerial route straight to the destination.

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