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FMH Group acquires Border Express

FMH Group acquires Border Express
FMH Group acquires Border Express

Australia’s Freight Management Holdings Pty Ltd (FMH Group), a subsidiary of Singapore Post Limited (SingPost Group), has acquired Border Express. The company has also announced plans to merge with CourierPlease. 

Border Express is a prominent transport and distribution services provider with an extensive network across major cities and regional areas. 

Boasting 18 facilities, a fleet of over 700 vehicles, and a committed workforce of 1,700 employees and contractors, the company has proven itself as a dependable ally to over 1,800 clients from various industries, notably including major retail and consumer brands.

FMH Group is a logistics powerhouse

FMH Group, a diverse logistics conglomerate, operates through divisions in 4PL and Warehousing, Transportation, and Technology. Their goal is to forge a revolutionary logistics network, connecting people and physical assets via a widespread technology platform, to achieve optimal supply chain efficiency. 

The group includes 4PL, efm Logistics, the tech firm Flip, Border Express, and Logistics Holdings Australia, which encompasses GKR Transport, Niche Logistics, Formby Logistics, and Spectrum Transport.

Group CEO Simon Slagter says with the completion of the acquisition of Border Express and the planned merger with CouriersPlease, FMH is on a trajectory of significant growth, making the FMH Group one of the top five largest logistics companies by revenue in Australia. 

“These decisions will not only expand our network but importantly, they will facilitate innovation and operational excellence. By combining our assets, scale, and technology, we will be able to significantly improve efficiency and deliver value,” says Slagter. 

Merger with CourierPlease

CouriersPlease, an established e-commerce and parcel delivery specialist with a 40-year track record, successfully delivered over 30 million parcels in 2022. Known for competitive pricing and customizable, flexible delivery options, the company works with over 800 dedicated Franchise Partners focused on surpassing customer expectations. 

With depots in all major Australian cities, CouriersPlease utilizes its extensive network of delivery partners to ensure wide coverage throughout Australia.

CouriersPlease CEO Richard Thame says CouriersPlease merging with the FMH Group signifies a practical step toward operational efficiency. “Joining forces will allow us to pool talent and operational capability to deliver even greater value to customers and achieve shared success. We look forward to leveraging our individual strengths and enhancing our collective impact,” he says.

Australian parcel delivery market 

Mordor Intelligence reports the Australian courier, express, and parcel (CEP) market is estimated to grow at an annual compounded growth rate (CAGR) of 5.12% in the next six years. 

Another report by IBIS World says online retail is underpinning a boom in demand for parcel delivery through courier services. “These trends have opened up opportunities for many smaller operators, which has encouraged a flood of new entrants into the industry.” 

The report adds the industry’s ability to compete with the related postal services industry strongly influences its performance. “Australia Post dominates the Postal Services industry. Australia Post is excluded from the Courier Pick-up and Delivery Services industry because it uses centralized collection points, such as post offices and boxes.” 

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