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Getta Burger: Another small business bows to cost pressure

Getta Burger: Another small business bows to cost pressure
Getta Burger: Another small business bows to cost pressure

The rising cost of living has put households and small businesses on edge. Getta Burger is the latest to have ended its journey in Brisbane, closing all shops due to financial pressure. 

“Like many small businesses across the state and the country, our stores have felt the full impact of the rising cost of living. I know we are not the only local businesses facing this pressure, and mine is not the only family feeling the pinch,” announces Getta Burger director Brent Poulter on its website

There is a silver lining for now. Their Townsville stores remain open.

But focusing on quality, excellence, and excellent customer service, Getta Burger couldn’t keep most of its doors open. “In the current operating environment, it was becoming increasingly difficult to meet our great standards and be a successful business,” explained Poulter. 

In a frank message on the website’s landing page, the director takes customers into his confidence by being genuine and honest. “We don’t want to cut corners. We don’t want to sell inferior meat and charge the same price. As many businesses know too well, it becomes difficult to carry increasing costs and not pass them on to our customers,” states a personal message from Poulter. 

Though business calls to make

During COVID, Getta Burger didn’t take any assistance. They adjusted their business model to takeaway and delivery to keep the staff employed and serving customers. 

“Although the delivery cost was (and is) 30%, we used these costs to keep going. Now though, small businesses across the country are facing severe challenges of increased rents and outgoings, increased cost of goods and staffing challenges, but without any support,” explains the company. 

At least 14 of its Queensland stores are closed for now, with three branches in Townsville, North Ward, and Kirwan still taking orders. 

9News reports that six companies operating under the Getta Burger franchise entered liquidation. According to documents lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Ian Currie is the liquidator.

Lessons for small businesses 

  • Adaptability and innovation: Small business owners must be adaptable and willing to innovate to compete. During tough times, Getta Burger adapted its business model to focus on takeaway and delivery. 

  • Cost management: Effective cost management is vital for small businesses, learning how to deal with the increased costs of staffing, operational expenses, and increased goods.

  • Community engagement: Building solid relationships and trust with the local community is crucial for support during tough times. Getta Burger’s honest message about why it can’t keep its doors open any longer helps to win sympathy and hopefully support to focus on the still open stores. 

  • Maintaining quality standards: During tough times, cutting corners or compromising quality to reduce costs could be tempting. Getta Burger is preserving the brand’s reputation and customer loyalty by refusing to bow to lower standards in the name of financial pressure. 

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Mia is a multi-award-winning journalist. She has more than 14 years of experience in mainstream media. She's covered many historic moments that happened in Africa and internationally. She has a strong focus on human interest stories, to bring her readers and viewers closer to the topics at hand.

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