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Investors hungry for next-gen AI innovation

Investors hungry for next-gen AI innovation
Investors hungry for next-gen AI innovation

Everyone in the tech space right now wants to be the top artificial intelligence (AI) inventor the world has seen. Who doesn’t want to be the next Sarbajit Rakshit or Wooju Ryu? (If you don’t know who they are, don’t worry; we’ll fill you in later). They rank as the world’s top AI inventors. 

From the logistics space, last-mile delivery, restaurants, social media, and delivery vehicles are all searching for the next AI-powered technology to give businesses a competitive edge. Investors know this all too well and are keeping a close eye on the next breakthrough in AI. What your business is doing in this field matters to investors. 

AI inventors

Sarbajit Rakshit is one of the world’s top AI inventors. According to Project PQAI,  Rakshit was awarded 163 US patents in 2019.

One of his most valuable patents is electronic commerce using augmented reality glasses and a smartwatch.

This patent family is cited by companies Ariadne’s Thread (USA) Inc., Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc, Siemens Ag, Ebay Inc., and Lucyd Ltd.

Photo credit: Verdict

Wooju Ryu is a top Korean inventor with exemplary skills in deep learning, computer vision, ADAS, text recognition, and automatic driving. His patent portfolio consists of 831 global AI patents belonging to 267 unique patent families.

Stradvision leading the AI field

Stradvision is one of the world’s leading AI-inspired perception companies. Innovators grind daily to accelerate the pace of popularizing fully self-driving vehicles. They strongly focus on advancing the world with deep learning, embedded platforms, and advanced algorithms.

In October, it unveiled a new development concept. Stradvision’s Toshihiro Sato introduced a novel method to expedite development within the automotive industry. He unveiled a cutting-edge plan for software specifically designed for automotive safety applications.

Part of the plan for automotive safety sensing technology with a sharp focus on mono front-facing cameras powered by deep learning.

Investors looking for new AI inventions 

Jon Turow, a partner at Madrona Venture Group, and Luis Ceze, co-founder and CEO of OctoML Inc, recently shared a platform during the ‘Supercloud 5: The Battle for AI Supremacy’ event, focusing on AI’s future. 

Silicon Angle is reporting how the two emphasized the transformative potential of generative AI for entrepreneurs. They also cited the importance of resources, powerful data, talent, and understanding customers. 

The constraints of generative AI and the role of the cloud in providing flexibility underscore their mutual agreement. Turow and Ceze see significant expansion in app development in the coming years. Especially with the realization of natural language programming, marking a historic moment for computer scientists. 

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