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Iron Man Logistics implements Dexory’s robotic solution in UK warehouses

Iron Mountain implements Dexory’s robotic solution in UK warehouses
Iron Mountain implements Dexory’s robotic solution in UK warehouses

Dexory, a leading robotics company, will partner with Iron Man Logistics to assist the company with its warehouse operations.

Iron Man Logistics will now use DexoryView inventory and tracking solutions at four strategic Iron Mountain warehouses across Kettering Symmetry Park, Lutterworth Magna Park North and Rugby Symmetry Park.

The logistics company has been offering warehouse solutions for over 70 years. These services include digital solutions such as cloud data management, asset lifecycle management, and warehouse and logistics services. 

Dexory has a key solution for warehousing operations 

UK-based Dexory is on a quest to transform logistics through artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. Dexory serves several industries, including logistics and supply chain, manufacturing, and cargo handling. It also serves the e-commerce and retail fulfillment sector. 

Dexory’s robots are designed to measure, count, track, and locate inventory throughout warehouses while seamlessly moving among the racks, ensuring no interruption to daily workflow. 

This data is instantaneously transmitted to the DexoryView digital twin platform, providing comprehensive, real-time visibility into the status of warehouse operations. By integrating autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and the AI-enhanced DexoryView platform, Iron Mountain significantly enhances its process adherence, achieves greater accuracy in inventory counting, and speeds up the response times of its inventory management team.

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Robots help enhance operational effectiveness 

Leveraging Dexory’s advanced tech, Iron Mountain can integrate high-performance analytics and self-operating robots to scan 15,000 locations hourly efficiently without disrupting regular workflow. 

This system enables a thorough analysis of pallet life cycles in their warehouses, enhancing overall operational effectiveness. Moreover, Iron Mountain gains comprehensive inventory visibility and can monitor stock movements in real-time, yielding deeper operational insights for ongoing enhancements across all its facilities.

Maria Torrent-March, Warehousing & Logistics Strategy Director at Iron Mountain, says: “Implementing a future-proof, innovative inventory solution is key to our warehousing strategic direction. Dexory’s technology enables our vision for automation and efficiency, especially where we have large stock rotations, reducing our overall operational costs.”

Autonomous robot market 

Allied Market Research reports that the global autonomous mobile robot market is projected to witness considerable growth due to a spike in automation solutions in various industries such as healthcare, automotive, logistics, and hospitality. 

Meanwhile, Mordor Intelligence reports the use of robotics in vehicle manufacturing is expected to continue to grow fast enough to speed up production. “Auto manufacturers, like Toyota and BMW, are investing to leverage what they already know about robotics and manufacturing to increase their share in the robotics market. 

For years, BMW has partnered with Nvidia to develop mobile robots for internal use in their factories, primarily around automated material handling at the last mile.”

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