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US Senate considers Bill to prevent supply chain disruptions

US Senate considers Bill to prevent supply chain disruptions
US Senate considers Bill to prevent supply chain disruptions

The US Senate has introduced the bipartisan Promoting Resilient Supply Chains Act. This bill aims to create a unified government approach to monitoring and improving American supply chains. 

Why does this matter? It will help predict and prevent future disruptions, boost domestic manufacturing and jobs, and lower costs for American consumers.

The concept was detailed by US senator Maria Cantwell (D-Wash), chair of the senate committee on commerce, science and transportation, and US senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn), a senior member of the committee. 

The logistics and supply chain industries have seen its fair share of disruptions in recent weeks. From the ongoing Red Sea crisis, to the Baltimore bridge collapse earlier this year. 

Senator Cantwell says Washington state relies on robust supply chains to produce, grow and ship products to the world. “One supply chain shock can disrupt the entire system, driving shortages and raising costs. Our legislation will get the government, businesses and manufacturers working together to identify gaps and build capacity to prevent supply chain disruptions before they happen,” says Cantwell. 

Quantum computing 

Logistics companies are realizing the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in the industry and how this technology can aid their businesses in performing efficiently. 

Senator Blackburn says by establishing a supply chain resiliency program at the Department of Commerce, the US government can better coordinate with private sector partners, identify risks, and increase competitiveness. “The Promoting Resilient Supply Chains Act leverages both quantum computing and artificial intelligence to predict and mitigate supply chain shocks, ensuring that technology is at the forefront of our national supply chain strategy,” says Blackburn. 

What’s the bigger picture? The Promoting Resilient Supply Chains Act aims to give a better understanding of the national supply chain, assess the capacity of US manufacturers in key industries, identify and address disruptions before they occur, and help US industries stay competitive globally.

Supply chain act in action 

The act establishes an early warning system for supply chain disruptions at the Department of Commerce. This system uses artificial intelligence and quantum hybrid computing to detect potential supply chain shocks before they happen. 

It will help the federal government respond quickly, find alternative sources, and work with the private sector to prevent major negative impacts on the US economy and consumers.

In addition, the act creates a coordination group that includes other federal agencies, industry leaders, civil society organizations, academia, state and local governments, and key international allies. This group will work with the new program to develop important supply chain resiliency policies and recommendations. 

It will also conduct a capability assessment to inform the executive branch and congress about the program and the current state of supply chains, highlighting any gaps that need future action.

Photo Credit: Canva

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