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Austrian Post introduces in-home delivery with Nuki

Austrian Post introduces in-home delivery with Nuki
Austrian Post introduces in-home delivery with Nuki

Austrian smart lock maker Nuki wants to end the everyday hassle of missed deliveries with its “In-Home Delivery” solution. Their innovative smart locks allow parcel couriers to enter homes even when residents are away.

Austrian Post will offer in-home delivery as a standard service for customers, starting in July,

The initiative in partnership with Nuki,  follows tests conducted in 2021. Nuki and Austrian Post tested In-Home Delivery and quickly received over 2,000 registrations, showing high interest. 

Nuki was founded in 2014 by the brothers Martin Pansy and Jürgen Pansy in Graz, Austria. Their products allow users to control and monitor access to their homes via smartphones or other smart devices. 

How will the delivery solution work? 

For In-Home Delivery, a recipient’s door gets a Nuki Smart Lock. Older Nuki electronic doors remain active. Austrian Post will give free Smart Locks to the first 200 users who don’t have one. 

Through the Nuki app, users authorize Austrian Post to open their doors for deliveries. The delivery person uses a handheld device to unlock the door, leaves the package on a designated doormat inside, and then locks the door before leaving.

After starting with the first 200 users, Austrian Post will keep adding more users for In-Home Delivery in the following months. Users who don’t have a Nuki Smart Lock will need to pay a one-time fee for the lock. The delivery service itself is always free.

Make everyday life easier 

Martin Pansy, co-founder and CEO of Nuki Home Solutions, says thanks to the new technical implementation and scalability, the In-Home Delivery service from now on will make everyday life easier for thousands of Austrian households. 

Peter Umundum, Chief Parcel & Logistics Officer at Austria Post, says the entryway delivery service from the Austrian Post and Nuki market innovation has never passed the European pilot phase. 

“We are taking a chance on this innovation and offering In-Home Delivery as a standard service for the first time ever. The Austrian Post can now deliver packages securely and reliably within a recipient’s own home,” says Umundum.

Photo Credit: Nuki

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