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Sendcloud: Returns fees to become the norm

Sendcloud: Returns fees to become the norm
Sendcloud: Returns fees to become the norm

In its latest research, shipping platform Sendcloud has found that 79% of fashion retailers charging for and paid returns are increasingly taking the stage in the fashion industry. The company recently researched the top 100 UK retailers. The findings shed some light on the UK’s e-commerce market. 

Rob van den Heuvel, CEO and Co-founder of Senddcloud says: “Return policies can be a huge dealbreaker, and offering a smooth returns process is crucial to retaining customers.” 

Lack of transparency

Sendcloud finds that there still needs to be more transparency regarding returns. “The lack of transparency extends to return costs, with 64% of the retailers who impose return fees failing to disclose the charges upfront.” 

The company’s findings also say there is still room for improvement regarding returns. “Although drop-off returns are widely available, only 43% offer pick-up services, and 74% provide in-store return options. Despite the growing popularity of parcel lockers, their usage remains unclear, with only 12% of retailers mentioning them as an option, while 88% do not offer or mention this service,” research found.  

Van den Heuvel says that the rules of the game are changing. “The era of free returns is past us, making way for conscious returns practices. Beyond rethinking the costs of returns, it is time for the entire industry to rethink returns. Replacing pre-printed labels with QR codes is one way to do so,’ says Rob van den Heuvel,” he says. 

What does other research say about returns?

Locate2u recently reported on finds by Doddle. The company is a first and last-mile technology platform for leading businesses in e-commerce logistics. Doddle’s report found that 75% of merchants say improving returns is essential, while 84% of merchants believe their returns are either good or very good. 

Companies are realizing the importance of returns to their business. Recently, Pitney Bowes and PackageHub launched a returns network. 

Parcel carrier DPD UK has selected Blue Yonder’s returns management solution to provide a digital portal for retail customers to manage returns effectively. DPD retail customers can now book a return and pick-up at a DPD location across the UK. 

What is reverse logistics? 

Reverse logistics is returning goods into the supply chain to be reused. The method forms an integral part of the supply chain. It often involved the return of goods, for example, damaged items. 

Adroit Market Research reports retailers should focus on reverse logistics techniques as e-commerce grows. “Convenience will take precedence, and every effort will be taken to foster client loyalty. Forward-thinking businesses that prioritize the customer experience will streamline returns and improve their logistics network. With the rise of reverse logistics, parcel delivery services will be required to function on both ends.” 

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