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Uber’s Halloween highlights: From penguins to pumpkins

Uber’s Halloween highlights: From penguins to pumpkins
Uber’s Halloween highlights: From penguins to pumpkins

Uber took a spooky spin on Halloween as riders and drivers shared in the ghoulish fun, showing off their outfits and vehicle decorations. The company played along and tweeted some of the hilarious responses while reminding everyone that “the best backseat costume accessory is a seatbelt.” 

Halloween hilarity

Austin Bramley recounted his somewhat awkward solo ride dressed as a penguin, while American TikToker, actor, and comedian Stanzi Potenza had a laugh admitting the costume-Uber combo felt a bit humiliating.

One user says “taking an Uber in your Halloween costume is so humbling,” while Margoblin amusingly noted her frequent Halloween trips in a ride-sharing vehicle: “I find myself in full costume in the back of an Uber way more than I thought I would as an adult.”

Some drivers also went out of their way to make the night memorable for their customers

Levi Spires played Monsters Inc on his Vantrue N5 rear camera system while another driver decorated his vehicle with a Momo mask, as well as stickers of Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise, and Tiffany from Bride of Chucky. 

Another driver dressed up as Darth Vader from Star Wars, much to the delight of his passenger who noted that the mask was only worn for the photo. The driver removed the mask before starting the trip, for safety reasons. 

Uber also shared a 30-second video showcasing some of the Halloween house decorations from the view of driver’s vehicles. Captioned, ‘Hop in for Halloween, it’s ok to look out the window’, the video shows everything from witches’ hats in trees to creepy crawlies on windows. 

Uber partners with Waymo 

In other news, riders in Phoenix who request a trip may find themselves matched with a Waymo Driver – a fully autonomous vehicle. Uber announced the collaboration last week.

The initiative rolled out on October 26 in Phoenix and is initially available for Uber Green, Comfort, or Comfort Electric requests within Waymo’s expanded operating territory. This includes specific SkyTrain locations at Sky Harbor International Airport.

Uber’s October journey, from hosting costumed riders to embracing autonomous technology, undoubtedly showcases a blend of light-hearted celebration and a determined stride towards futuristic transit solutions.

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