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UPS boosts capacity, adds midnight pickup for Taiwan-Europe shipments

UPS boosts capacity, adds midnight pickup for Taiwan-Europe shipments
UPS boosts capacity, adds midnight pickup for Taiwan-Europe shipments

Logistics giant UPS says its Taiwan customers can export 30% more volume to Europe in just two business days.

Europe has been one of Taiwan’s top export destinations for nearly twenty years, consistently ranking among its top three trading partners. Nearly 20% of Taiwan’s annual exports go to Europe. In 2023 alone, Taiwan exported goods worth $37 billion to Europe.

Why does Europe matter to the logistics sector? Europe’s central location between the Americas, Asia, and Africa makes it a key hub for global trade. Major ports like Rotterdam, Hamburg, and Antwerp serve as critical entry and exit points for goods, facilitating international logistics operations.

Taiwan customer’s business growth 

Sam Hung, managing director UPS Taiwan, Japan and South Korea says: “These enhancements give our Taiwan customers wider production windows, greater convenience, better flexibility and control of their supply chains, and more opportunities to grow their business in Europe.”

Hung adds that given that the high-tech and industrial manufacturing and automotive segments are forecasted to remain strong. UPS expects customers in these sectors to benefit the most from these improvements. 

In December, UPS and the Hong Kong Airport Authority entered into an agreement to improve parcel service to customers and enhance the company’s operations in Asia. A new hub will be located at the Hong Kong International Airport and near the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. The hub will be completed in 2028. 

Midnight pickup service in action 

Here’s a scenario: A thriving e-commerce company in Taiwan that specializes in custom-made electronics. They receive a surge of orders late in the day due to a successful marketing campaign targeting European customers. With UPS’ new midnight pickup service, the company can prepare and ship these orders the same night. 

This means the products start their journey to Europe immediately, reaching customers faster and boosting satisfaction. The extended hours reduce bottlenecks in their workflow, allowing the company to efficiently handle the increased demand without disrupting their regular operations. 

This service not only enhances customer experience but also strengthens the company’s competitive edge in the global market.

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Photo Credit: UPS

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