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Delectable delights: How to master the art of delivering Easter chocolates

Delectable delights: How to master the art of delivering Easter chocolates
Delectable delights: How to master the art of delivering Easter chocolates

Hopping bunnies and a sugar rush are on the menu for most families this Easter season. Still, when you are in the logistics business, considering how to get these delectable delights from point A to B is not making you hop up and down with excitement; we get it. 

Ensuring Easter chocolates arrive at their destination unscathed can be quite a challenge. Especially during the warmer climates. Picking the right packaging that won’t compromise your product is tricky because you also don’t want to end up making zero profit. 

Melting in transit

In some areas, the blazing sun can easily dampen Easter festivity when melted or broken chocolates arrive at a client’s house. Crafting these chocolate shapes into the perfect sculpture is an art for a chocolatier. However, a few things need to be considered before the courier transports them. Most importantly, the heat. 

“It’s important to refrigerate your chocolates before sending them out,” says Australian courier company Go People. Another tip, which sounds a bit obvious but can sometimes be overlooked, is to keep the chocolates out of direct sunlight.

Another tip that can be handy is to pack ice packs inside plastic bags to avoid any leakages that can damage the chocolate wrapping. 

Packaging material for chocolates

Think bubble wrap; think of lots of bubble wrap. This is what you’ll need to stabilize your Easter chocolate packages. Cold packs are another must-have to make the delivery perfect. 

Insulated boxes can take the extra stress off the delivery drivers’ shoulders, knowing not only are the delegate chocolates not melting, but they’re also not crushing in-between other deliveries. Make sure there is enough space for the bubble wrap, which can take up much space. 

Plan the last-mile delivery carefully 

We all want to ensure our customers don’t wait too long for orders, but when delivering chocolates, you need to avoid rough transport modes and make it fast and effective. Ensure the chocolates are removed from the fridge when the courier is close to avoid melting while waiting for the driver. 

Weekend deliveries are safe, but it’s hard to only deliver on weekends in logistics. However, choosing to wait for the weekend, can be ideal as there will be minimal traffic on the roads affecting the delivery time. 

Quality of packaging 

The quality of packaging used for Easter chocolate deliveries can be seen as an investment in customer satisfaction. Pack and Send couriers even call it “non-negotiable” for every parcel. If you feel overloaded with orders this time of the year, you can consider outsourcing it. 

There are couriers who will pack items exactly to the required need of the parcel. 

Researching to determine which third party will best fit your brand’s message and ensure quality service is important. 

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