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Delivery drivers’ tips in the spotlight

Delivery drivers’ tips in the spotlight
Delivery drivers’ tips in the spotlight

A woman was cursed by a delivery worker after she gave a $5 tip on a $20 order. The DoorDash delivery driver was allegedly fired. The US tipping culture has become a hot topping in recent months, with many questioning why they should tip when not sitting down for a meal. 

The Insider is reporting that a DoorDash delivery driver was fired, after cursing a woman before telling her she had a “nice house for a $5 tip”. He swore at her before walking off. This raises the question, what is appropriate to tip, if the order itself is only $20. 

According to GrubHub a 20% tip is standard for having a meal delivered to your door. If the weather is bad, that tip should increase.

Factors that should increase delivery driver’s tip

Weather plays an important role in determining how big the delivery driver’s tip should be. Working in adverse weather conditions also increases the traffic and speed of the delivery. Adding a few steps to the equation also raises the tip. If the delivery driver has to climb a few steps, or take an elevator, the more effort is put into the delivery. The tip is the only fee that potentially goes straight into the drivers’ pocket. Delivery fee added by the company is usually not intended for the driver. 

What can a delivery driver do to increase tips?

Many Americans feel it’s not always necessary to tip, especially if a meal is not consumed in a restaurant with a waiter looking after the customer’s every need. However some food delivery retailers are now asking customers to leave specific tip amounts before the food is delivered. This is found to prompt larger gratuities. However it also leads to lower satisfaction.


Tipping culture is out of control in the US 💵🇺🇸 #fyp #tippingculture

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US tipping culture under the spotlight

Investing in gear that will keep food warm and in a presentable condition, will go a long way. Choose a delivery job where there are peak hour food orders, that will increase the number of tips. Also make sure you work in an area with a wide range of potential orders. Make sure the car or scooter used, is in a good condition to avoid late orders. Lastly improve your navigation skills by using route optimization technology that will allow more trips, in a shorter time.

Locate2u’s CFO Michael Gayst explains how route optimization can decrease a delivery driver’s workload, by cutting time and cost. “The type of business or organization, as well as the particular use-case for the optimization, can all affect the various aspects that go into designing the best route.” 

CEO and founder Steve Orenstein explains how it works.

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