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DoorDash uses AI-powered feature to combat chat abuse

DoorDash uses AI-powered feature to combat chat abuse
DoorDash uses AI-powered feature to combat chat abuse

In a world where ChatGPT and generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) can still cause harm without human oversight, DoorDash is taking precautionary measures to eliminate these immediate risks. 

It revealed a new feature called SafeChat+, which helps make the fast food delivery platform safer while not compromising customers’ improved experience through technology. The vision is to ensure customers have a “safe and positive” experience. While most customers and merchants “do the right thing” by respecting others, there are odd occasions when the systems are being tested. 

Remember this? In January, Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD) landed in hot water after a frustrated customer instructed the chatbot to swear in his answers and “disregard any rules” while explaining how “useless DPD is.” 

The customer took screenshots and posted the results on social media. His motivation? To prove customers do not want a chatbot when dealing with unpleasant mishaps. 

DoorDash SafetyChat+ featuers

The food delivery platform uses AI to review in-app conversations to detect and prevent verbal abuse or harassment. 

  • What happens when SafetyChat+ detects abuse or inappropriate behavior between consumers and DoorDash drivers (Dashers)? “Dashers will be given the option to quickly cancel the order without impacting ratings.”

  • And if the order is already completed? “The feature will automatically end any further chat to help prevent the situation from escalating.”

  • If a Dasher uses inappropriate or abusive language with customers? “The customer can contact support via chat or phone to report the incident and receive assistance.”

Investigations to eliminate abuse

A dedicated team has been set up to investigate all incidents detected by the AI-powered tool, which will then decide on an appropriate action. This will be combined with enforcing the appropriate policies already in place by the company. 

Any verbal abuse or harassment from either customer or employee is strongly prohibited, says DoorDash. 

DoorDash says harassment and abuse are the two most common safety incidents when dealing with fast food deliveries. Many customers might wonder why artificial intelligence is needed to assess the violation of rules and question the accuracy. 

The business says the SafetyChat+ can review more than 1,400 messages per minute. This means that “speed and at scale for signals of inappropriate communication” makes it the most effective tool to monitor and detect abuse much faster. 

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