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Major food delivery companies improve safety 

Major food delivery companies improve safety
Major food delivery companies improve safety

Deliveroo, Uber, and Just Eat are among five companies that signed a road safety charter in London to protect couriers and all road users. 

Transport for London (TfL) created a road safety charter for meal and grocery delivery companies using motorcycles on the road. In a statement, the TfL explains that the alliance is part of a range of measures to “make London’s streets safer for all to use.”

Road safety principles

The signed charter hopes to emphasize the deaths and serious injuries suffered by delivery drivers and road users in London. “Ensuring couriers meet the legal requirements for working and riding in the UK and supporting couriers in understanding how to ride safely and within the law.” The charter also aims to get more support for couriers to ensure that vehicles are legally compliant and roadworthy. 

Empathizing with drivers

It sounds all good and well on paper, having signed declarations and awareness campaigns, but is it enforceable when it comes down to the road? 

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Deliveroo takes the safety of their drivers seriously and makes it an “absolute priority.” The company says, “We are always seeking new ways to strengthen our safety measures and regularly host focus groups and events to understand the rider experience first-hand.”

The fast-food delivery company tries to put themselves in the driver’s shoes to understand the frustration and fear on the roads. “We meet riders in person at roadshow events across the country to collect feedback.”

Uber Eats GM for the UK says signing the charter was a priority. “With thousands of couriers using our platform in London, we recognize the important role we play in driving up safety standards across the sector and helping to make London’s roads safer.”

Monitoring the improvement

The TfL hopes to get more food delivery companies using bikes to join in to achieve its vision of “eliminating death and serious injury from the transport network.”

In the next six months, the TfL will hold a forum with all the signatories to discuss the progress of implementing the charter. They also aim to flesh out more creative ideas for tackling safety problems in the delivery space. 

Businesses can minimize drivers’ risk on the road

Fleet managers should ensure the drivers’ vehicles are roadworthy and the drivers are fit for a journey. Various checklists are available to minimize the risks while out on a delivery. Vehicle maintenance inspections, driver training programs, and enforcing driving safety regulations are just a few. 

Businesses can also use telematics technology to understand driver behavior better and pinpoint improvement areas. With this technology, a manager can spot drivers participating in risky behaviors and give them individualized coaching. By employing telematics devices to monitor variables like speed, braking, acceleration, and vehicle usage, the company can better understand individual drivers ‘ drivers potential risks on the road. 

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