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Demand for next-day and same-day parcel deliveries surges

Pakistan’s Rider Logistics masters the art of last mile delivery
Pakistan’s Rider Logistics masters the art of last mile delivery

The demand for next-day and same-day parcel deliveries is experiencing an unprecedented surge across Australia, as revealed by CouriersPlease, a delivery service provider. 

In the first quarter of the fiscal year 2024, CouriersPlease reported a remarkable 25% increase in parcel delivery volumes compared to the previous corresponding period. It also showed a 47% growth in same-day metro deliveries, indicating a substantial shift in consumer preferences.

Same-day and next-day metro deliveries accounted for almost half compared to all other deliveries, showcasing a significant uptick from the previous year’s figure of 38% in the September 2022 quarter. 

CouriersPlease CEO, Richard Thame attributes this growth to the company’s focus on same-day and next-day metro deliveries. “Same-day and next-day metro deliveries are our core business. Our focus on increasing our agility and adaptability to market needs has enabled us to grow these priority services, giving our customers a better delivery experience,” says Thame.

Metros reign supreme

Breaking down the data regionally, Sydney emerged as a dominant force, claiming five out of the top seven spots for same-day deliveries in 2023. 

Moorebank, located in south-west Sydney, earned the top spot for same-day deliveries, highlighting the city’s robust demand for immediate services. 

Melbourne secured the remaining two positions. Four of its suburbs topped the list. Braeside in the Southern part of Melbourne claimed the coveted first position for next-day deliveries, closely followed by Sydney’s Alexandria in the inner West.

Thame highlights the growth by expressing confidence in the company’s ability to meet the growing demands of convenience-seeking customers.

“CouriersPlease has achieved significant growth already this year, largely through the onboarding of a number of large Australian retail customers who share our understanding that customers are doing it tough and need the best-value product and parcel delivery options,” says Thame.  

Same-day deliveries

While same-day delivery is a reasonable offering across the last-mile delivery space, ultra-fast deliveries are considered elite, if you can do it right. 

The concept of ultra-fast delivery, promises doorstep service within 15 minutes, compared to same-day, which can take a few hours. 

Ultra-fast delivery services are powered by micro-warehouses and rapid courier networks; it’s a vision of unparalleled convenience. However, this ambitious model faces substantial challenges. Complex logistics, including managing real-time routes and inventory, pose significant hurdles. 

Moreover, the high operational costs raise questions about its long-term sustainability, making it a service accessible to only a privileged few

In contrast, same-day delivery strikes a balance between speed and feasibility. Although not as rapid as its ultra-fast counterpart, same-day services ensure customers receive their orders within hours. 

Leveraging existing infrastructure and strategically located distribution centers, this approach optimizes resources and reduces costs. It offers a practical compromise, and allows businesses to meet the demand for quick deliveries while remaining economically sustainable. 

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