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FedEx launches picture-proof delivery

FedEx launches picture-proof delivery
FedEx launches picture-proof delivery

People in Australia may often suffer from ‘delivery anxiety’. It’s the feeling of worrying about whether your package will reach your doorstep. FedEx has launched picture proof of delivery (PPOD) for express deliveries. This is to assure customers that a package will indeed arrive at their doorstep. The picture-perfect delivery comes just in time for the holiday season. 

Instead of the normal pickup and process, FedEx customers in Australia will now receive a photograph of their parcel’s exact location once it is delivered to their doorstep. The parcel image will be visible on a customer’s tracking notification, tracking portal on FedEx’s website or on the company’s mobile app. 

Vice president, FedEx Express Australasia Peter Langley says offering picture-proof delivery will give customers peace of mind. “We see an increasing trend of Australian consumers choosing to shop online. This has raised consumers’ expectations for an accurate and mobile-friendly parcel tracking experience. The launch of PPOD will help differentiate our service offerings and deliver an enhanced end-to-end customer experience,” he says. 

Message FedEx directly 

The e-commerce market in Australia is expected to grow to an estimated $64 billion by 2027. The PPOD by FedEx will not just give peace of mind to customers, but to retailers. If customers have added confidence in the delivery of a package, retailers may benefit from being the preferred option where customers will purchase goods. 

In addition to its PPOD offering, FedEx recently introduced WhatsApp integration to its e-commerce delivery solution, FedEx Delivery Manager International. Here, customers in Australia can receive delivery notifications and message FedEx directly. 

Amazon released a similar feature to FedEx’s PPOD called Photo on Delivery. 

E-commerce in Australia

Australia Post reports that more Australians are shopping online, with four in five households, 81% buying something online at some point during the year. 

In its Australian courier report, Research and Markets says the parcel delivery market in Australia is seeing massive growth which is backed by easy delivery and the ability to track parcels nationally and internationally. “Australians receive an average of 40 parcels each year,” reads the report.  

Australia Post recently announced it would digitize its delivery notifications. It adds that the new digital notifications would reduce paper waste, offering customers greater convenience, reliability, and flexibility in planning their parcel pickups while away from home. The digitization of delivery notifications has been operational in Western Australia since July. 

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