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AI helps customers to ‘buy faster online,’ helping e-commerce owners

AI helps customers to ‘buy faster online,’ helping e-commerce owners
AI helps customers to ‘buy faster online,’ helping e-commerce owners

“AI is transforming the landscape of e-commerce, delivering customized shopping experiences and streamlining operations,” says Prerana Preyasi, an advisor for the government of India. She suggests using chatbots for customer support and machine learning algorithms for product suggestions, making the experience attractive to prospective customers. 

The key is to attract customers and get them to return for more online shopping. However, analyzing customers and personalizing their experience is time-consuming and costs money that you might not have as a startup. 

Kamran Abbas Shah is a product research specialist. He believes Amazon and Walmart are leading the pack with AI trends to make customers feel connected. “Marketing analysts will use AI in their marketing campaigns to analyze buyer behavior more accurately and convert them into repeat buyers.”

Shah also believes AI will change the speed of e-commerce transactions, helping buyers to make “quicker decisions” and help customers make “valid decisions” faster. 

Social selling changing the dynamics

Should we draw lessons from fast-fashion e-commerce giants Shein and Temu? They are shaking up the e-commerce industry, doubling profits quickly. 

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They have mastered the art of live shopping, using AI to integrate the experience on social media platforms. Lina Gallagher, author and e-commerce owner, says, “When it comes to social shopping, you must be on TikTok. This platform is essential for engaging your audience and driving sales through innovative and interactive content.”

She advises business owners to use TikTok to enhance social selling strategies. 

Mobile online shopping

Mobile commerce is also essential for leveraging social selling. Many older generations might still be cautious about online shopping via social media, but Gen Z shoppers are embracing it. 

They see social media recommendations from friends and family as improving their shopping experience. With AI, businesses will now be able to understand the mobile-savvy audience much better.

“As mobile commerce sales soar, it’s imperative to prioritize optimizing your e-commerce platform for mobile devices,” says Preyasi. “By prioritizing mobile users, you effectively cater to a substantial audience that favors on-the-go shopping experiences.”

AI’s place in an e-commerce workplace

According to a study by Slack, the number of workers using AI and automation to complete mundane tasks is increasing. 

Over 10,000 workers were surveyed, and it was found that desk workers spend 41% of their time at work on tasks that are “low value, repetitive or lack meaningful contribution to their core job functions.”

This means that the more time they spend on low-value work, the more receptive they are to using AI and automation to handle their jobs. 

Should executives embrace AI? 

The top benefits that business leaders are looking forward to from AI are:

  • Increased productivity: 38% of the respondents have seen a spike in efficiency.
  • It makes it easier to make data-driven decisions backed up by statistics.
  • Reduces costs: Small startups can afford quality output. 

Slack’s Christina Janzer says business leaders are eager to embrace AI technology; however, they are slow to introduce policies for its responsible use.

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