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Customers are ‘tired of typical advertising,’ warns veteran e-commerce expert

Customers are ‘tired of typical advertising,’ warns veteran e-commerce expert
Customers are ‘tired of typical advertising,’ warns veteran e-commerce expert

It’s time brands break free from the conventional advertising models and embrace novel, customer-centered strategies. Irina Poddubnaia, an e-commerce industry veteran and founder of TrackMage, says it’s no longer appetizing enough for online shoppers to browse the same traditional marketing schemes presented in tedious forms.  

As we stand on the cusp of 2024, Poddubnaia reflects on a transformative year while anticipating more surprising trends poised to shape the future of e-commerce.

TrackMage, a shipment-tracking tool for e-commerce businesses, helps businesses with marketing opportunities. While customers wait for their shipment, they visit their website at least once or twice daily while actively waiting for orders. TrackMage helps entrepreneurs capitalize on these golden opportunities and form lasting customer experiences. 

Innovative sales campaigns that stood out in 2023

You’ve probably seen several marketing adverts where social media influencers or actors promote products online to reach a wider audience. In the current socio-commerce trend, where e-commerce is expected to see an increase in mobile purchases, it makes sense that businesses invest in creating a personalized connection with customers.

Setting yourself apart, entrepreneurs and marketing teams need to think outside the conventional box to catch the overstimulated eye of the potential customer. Two examples of eye-catching marketing campaigns this year, says Poddubnaia, are Solo Stove and Dior.

Solo Stove partners with Snoop Dogg

Solo Stove took marketing to a new level this year when they partnered with Snoop Dogg for an advertising campaign. The campaign started with a social media announcement to his fans, which even reached media coverage. “Snoop Dogg says he’s giving up smoking after years of marijuana use,” reads the NBC News headline

But a few days later, with much buzz around this announcement, he clarified what he meant in a viral advertising campaign.

In the viral video, the rapper and actor sits outside under the late evening sky, telling viewers he has an announcement to make. “I’ve given up smoke,” he proclaims. 

Only after this point does the camera angle widen – giving context to his statement. The crackling of the flames inside a Solo Stove smokeless fire pit gets louder, and the flames visibly fill up your screen. It’s then that the viewer realizes that the rapper meant he’s using Solo Stove, which blocks smoke, instead of giving up smoking marijuana.

Poddubnaia says this advert has gone viral since, leaving customers eager to buy the product merely because they are intrigued by the fun brand presentation. “I believe this is how brands should approach their campaigns. It doesn’t have to be just a boring product placement. The trends show that people are tired of that kind of advertising and product placement.”

She urges brands to find new and different approaches to selling their products. 

Dior perfume for infants

Another pick from Poddubnaia’s list of campaigns that stands out from the rest of the crowd for this year is Dior’s perfume for infants. Dior launched the luxury scented water for babies, almost $127 more than its best-selling perfumes. One bottle costs about $300. 

Not only does the price ruffle the feathers of social media users, but it also stirs an ethical debate. The big question arose: should infants born with perfection be dazzled with artificial fragrances at such a young age? Either way, it resulted in a magnificent marketing campaign, intriguing millions of users. 

Dior labels it as “the evocation of sweetness, an invitation to the tenderness of childhood, the age when the senses awaken, where a child’s laughter enchants and dreams reign.”

Poddubnaia says it will be tricky to get potential customers to buy in. “It’s a very delicate market. But sometimes, brands have to take those leaps of faith and introduce new products that are unconventional.”

Typical e-commerce advertising is ‘boring’

If you are new to the trend of socio-commerce, hold on; the train is already departing to new trends. Young people (Gen Z) mostly look for quick purchases, sharing these moments with their circle of friends. Even with this trend, there needs to be fresh ideas on the table to turn viewers into customers. 

“The interesting truth about TikTok and social commerce is that people are getting tired of typical advertising,” warns Poddubnaia. “They’re getting tired of product placement and marketing. What happens is that they are trying to relate more.”

Here’s a critical piece of advice that e-commerce businesses should take note of. Create content that can turn viewers into customers by creating relatable content or experiences. “If brands want to build their community on social media, or they want to build the connection with their community, they need to be focused on user-generated content.”

Poddubnaia says your customers are your “best advertisement” – who can write a better review than a happy customer? “You can always showcase that this customer is using your product and they’re getting this result. If it’s not result-oriented, just some fashion item or some kind of merchandise like a collectible, you can always make it fun.”

Prioritizing a ‘good cause’ as e-commerce marketing

When you think of social media presence, you think of how many followers you need to attract to reach a wider audience. Wrong. Poddubnaia explicitly says it’s not about how many followers you get or how many viral hits you generate. 

But if it’s not a viral video that gets Gen Z talking about your product, what is? “It’s about building a relationship. When it comes to relationships with Gen Z, they typically prioritize a good cause. If that’s for a good cause, they are going to support it, even if it’s not conventionally beautiful,” explains Poddubnaia. 

Anything fun, entertaining, or giving a person ‘bragging rights’ will intrigue this generation. 

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