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DHL is dropping its labels, increasing customer convenience

DHL is dropping its labels, increasing customer convenience
DHL is dropping its labels, increasing customer convenience

Courier company DHL is testing a new way to make shipping parcels without labels more convenient for its customers. It sounds confusing, but it’s very clever if the pilot project turns out to be a success.

In certain parts of Germany, the courier sends a delivery driver to the customer’s house. Instead of the individual having to drive all the way to the drop-off center, they can simply put a handwritten package ID on the box. 

It seems like extra work for the courier company and additional arrangements in the logistics process. Many things can go wrong in the process, but DHL says the benefits far outweigh the risks. 

This new initiative, which is still being tested in certain areas, can increase customer satisfaction. For example: 

  • The delivery driver does the printing for the customer.

  • It cuts down the waiting times, with the courier not spending extra time covering long distances. 

  • The process is simpler and faster for the customer. 

Avoiding missed deliveries

DHL has three options available during this testing period to evaluate what will work best for customers and avoid waiting for a driver to arrive. 

  • Booking an appointment.

  • Unscheduled pick-up.

  • Scheduled pick-up.

Benefits of booking an appointment

A specific booking set for the day and time lets the customer know exactly when the recipient will receive the parcel. A notification with a tracking number will be issued to enable the customer to track the delivery. 

Pick-up coincides with the announced delivery.

Source: DHL 

On the upside, this service is free, but you might have to wait your turn if there is a long list of pick-ups during peak times. Nevertheless, the pick-up is still convenient and as easy as going to your front door. If you want the parcel to be picked up at work, it’s also an option. 

Why choose an unscheduled pickup?

The pick-up takes place at the encounter of the delivery agent, but unfortunately, it cannot be scheduled. The address of where the delivery must be dropped off will only be established once the driver arrives at the home pickup. This means there is no control over exactly when the delivery will be made.

Booking a scheduled pickup

This booking is made online, either on the website or mobile app. The pickup can be scheduled for a specific date, which gives the customer more control over the process. This option comes at a cost of around $3. However, there is a no-fee charge for four items per shopping basket you won’t pay a fee.

Buying an ID online

Customers can also buy a package ID on the DHL Online Franking site. The PAK-ID must be written on the parcel to ensure the process runs smoothly. For returning parcels, it would be the RET-ID. 

Delivery drivers will have mobile printing devices at the location to print out a shipping label based on the package ID. 

After the pickup, the delivery driver will issue the customer a shipping label based on the ID. The package will be handed over and taken for the first leg of the delivery process. 

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