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How to Improve Marketing for Your Delivery Business

How to Improve Marketing for Your Delivery Business
How to Improve Marketing for Your Delivery Business

This article was written by freelance writer, Annie Button.

Whether you’re just starting out or growing your company, every delivery business is looking to achieve higher levels of success; that’s only natural. What is less understood, is the degree that marketing can be a massive part of your success. 

Of course, it’s not controversial to say that the number of potential marketing channels is almost infinite – but delivery businesses sometimes focus too much on a very limited number. Sometimes, you need to think outside the box in order and try something that you’ve never done before (especially if it’s something your competitors aren’t doing either). 

In this article, we’ll investigate the myriad possibilities for those delivery businesses looking to take their marketing strategy up a notch.

Specialize in a niche

It can feel like a strange way to think about it – but sometimes when you want to improve your marketing to grow your delivery business, it often pays to think smaller rather than larger. If this sounds contradictory, it should be clarified that this isn’t a plan to reduce the amount of marketing that you do, but rather channel into a specific niche. 

If you’re trying to be all things to all people, you naturally won’t be able to keep everyone happy. Customers need specialized experiences. This is where it makes to serve the direct needs of your customers – rather than trying to be a catch-all delivery service. Doing so allows you to focus your marketing efforts and align a strategy that is on-brand and perfect for your audience. 

Once you have identified your potential niche, check whether your competitors have tried to break into the same niche and look for areas where they might not have succeeded. You can question and strategize to decide how you can make your products and services stand out. It is also advisable to identify any key characteristics within your business that sit within that niche, and what unique selling points will appeal to your target market the most. Understanding your niche in depth helps you to know what your customers really want, and allows you to tailor and carve out a successful campaign. 


Invest in SEO

If you are investing in your website, then your competitors are going to start racing ahead of you. It is crucial that any delivery business has a high-quality and highly professional-looking website, that your customers are able to feel like they can trust. And of course, a major part of investing in your website actually refers to your investment in SEO.

How your rank on search engines like Google can determine how much traffic you get to your site, and as such can have a huge impact on your leads and conversions. SEO is the work done to help ensure that your website ranks higher than your competitors for your key search terms. It’s also important to say that SEO is a complex and ever-changing field; it is important to start doing the right things as soon as possible.

“SEO is the most viable and cost-effective way to both understand and reach customers in key moments that matter,” says Sam Hollingsworth, writing for Search Engine Journal. “Many brands and businesses know (or think they know) that they need SEO for their digital properties and the benefits they will get from the SEO work being implemented on their behalf. SEO will certainly improve a website’s overall searchability and visibility”

Offer what competitors don’t

It is important to think not only about what your business can offer, but what your competitors don’t. To do this, it’s a great idea to focus directly on researching what customers really want from your business and giving it to them. This is at its most effective when your competitors don’t offer that service.

It might mean, for example, putting more into customer service, and giving customers as many ways as possible to get in touch and raise issues. Alternatively, you might be able to get ahead of competitors via technology, offering apps with useful features that others simply cannot supply.

Showcase success with creative visuals

It is often the case that companies that don’t offer physical products aren’t particularly good at showcasing their operation. But this is something that delivery businesses need to master. You need to show your customers the proof of the great work you do. And the smartest way to do that is by investing in higher-quality photography and videos. 

According to camera specialists MPB, “your product only registers as high quality if it comes across in the customer’s first impression. Make sure to export your photography with the highest resolution possible. If you are planning to post it on social media, exporting the image to 2000 megapixels max or the “save for web” option ensures that there won’t be any disappointing compression happening on your social channel of choice.”

Remember, customers can very easily spot stock images (and even more so in video footage), so it really pays to create your own.


Make use of influencers

You might not think of influencer marketing as being one that is particularly important to delivery businesses – but actually, it is often a great fit from the perspective of the content they produce, and can be invaluable to you. Collaborating with influencers can sometimes come across as cheap and obvious – but for delivery businesses, there is a natural connection.

One of the most common forms of influencer content is receiving new items – the thrill of the ‘unboxing’ video. This provides influencers with a natural way to talk about the service you offer without it coming across as forced.

It’s not hard to see that having a big-name influencer talking about your brand is going to be beneficial. Influencers are high-profile celebrities in their field and when you associate with them you gain the credence of their audience. 

In order for your delivery business to reach its growth and potential, your goal is to stand out from your competitors by keeping agile and taking a proactive interest in your digital marketing and SEO efforts. 

Harness the power of influencers in your industry and put a greater focus into your creative identity via realistic photos, images and valuable content that presents your business operations and achievements in a positive light. Establishing a niche and having a targeted multi-channel marketing strategy in place can work wonders for your business success.

In conclusion

Delivery businesses succeed or fail based on their ability to make life easier for their customers. As such, your goal should always be to understand what your customers want, and then find a way to promote messaging that solves their problem or fulfils their need. Learn from the mistakes and success stories of competitors; but don’t let that be a discouragement to creativity – doing things differently can also lead to success.

Author Bio

Annie Button is a freelance writer based in the UK. She has more than 5 years’ experience writing engaging articles for a number of authoritative sites. Annie covers a range of topics, including: digital marketing, business growth, sustainability, travel, photography, HR and branding.

About the author

Marketing Coordinator at Locate2u having completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in English Literature and Creative Writing. I have extensive experience in editing and proofreading, as well as creating content for a range of audiences.

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