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Little Birdie launches new function to help online shoppers make better decisions 

Little Birdie launches new function to help online shoppers make better decisions
Little Birdie launches new function to help online shoppers make better decisions

E-commerce platform Little Birdie has launched a new extension that works with a browser to compare prices while shopping online. With Artificial Intelligence it can track millions of prices of products online. It can recommend the same product elsewhere at a fraction of the price. The best part is, the customer doesn’t have to leave the store’s product page. Making better informed decisions helps customers have a better shopping experience. 

How Little Birdie helps customers during a tough economy?

More Australians are tightening their belts with economic pressure. Simultaneously it has an impact on non-essential spending patterns. The average Household Saving Rate in Australia declined even further to 3.70% in the first quarter of 2023. 

The latest results from the National Seniors Social Survey on Australians have shown how those from low-income households and renters are feeling the punch. It also found that from the nearly 6 000 respondents aged 50+, more than 90% of them are worried about not being able to keep their head above water with the rising costs of living. 

Little Birdie is an ideal tool for online shoppers to compare prices and find it much cheaper, no matter the location.

Smaller retailers benefit from Little Birdie?

Little Birdie gives smaller businesses the opportunity to be noticed in the big pool of online shoppers. Shoppers can save when buying items like washing machines, children toys, branded clothing and even groceries. 

Instead of having to leave a website to search for the best price, Little Birdie now allows customers to view the price drops from various retailers – including the smaller players – on the side. It’s easy to compare prices and make the online shopping experience even easier. 

It’s a free system to use for shoppers. Little Birdie makes its earnings through commission on sales stemming from the site visits. 

Smaller retailers benefit by having an opportunity to showcase their products. Customers can compare them with other big retailers.

How does Little Birdie work?

First the customer has to add the extension to an iPhone using Safari, or download it to a computer using Chrome. Little Birdie will then automatically pop up when a customer browses on a retailer’s product page. Instantly it will compare prices from thousands of stores. 

The customer will be alerted about a lower price elsewhere on another site. However it will not automatically redirect you to the new site. Customers are still in control, and can make the ultimate decision. 

There is an easy sign-up page that is required before loading the cart. At the moment it only works with Safari on iPhones and Chrome on desktops. 

Little Birdie wants to bring transparency to the e-commerce marketplace

Little Birdie founder Jon Beros has told the media that online shoppers are oblivious to how often retailers change their price. This makes the customer think he/she is getting a good deal when in fact they are not. “For decades of working in e-commerce and fighting to find consumers the best price, we know that this lack of transparency is the biggest barrier,” said Beros.

Google uses advertising to make profit from comparing prices for shoppers, while Little Birdie is using new technology. It’s one of the first e-commerce platforms to fully embrace AI in its search tools to allow customers to get what they want faster. 

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