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New Report: Australians expected to dive into online shopping next month

New Report: Australians expected to dive into online shopping next month
New Report: Australians expected to dive into online shopping next month

Australia Post has just released its latest quarterly Australian Online Shopping Report, with sales before Christmas expected to ‘boom.’

Despite the cost of living still leaving customers to live more frugally, Aussies won’t miss out on good sales events, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas.

Key findings

The Australian Online Shopping Report found that online purchases increased by 0.5% year-on-year (YoY), while seven million Aussie households made an online purchase on average every month.

The report found that more Aussies are shopping online for a better deal. “Every state and territory registered double-digit growth in online marketplaces YoY.”

One of Australia’s largest supermarket chains, Coles, says, “eating out, takeaways and coffees from cafes are increasingly being seen as treats for a special occasion. Customers are looking at supermarkets hoping to do more with their budget.” The chain company echoed what this report has found, “they are looking for more specials, more affordable brands.”

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Tasmania received the most parcel deliveries per household this quarter; online shopping in Western Australia, Northern Territory, and Queensland all recorded an increase of between 5% and 6%. Shoppers are now looking for the best prices, comparing it to in-store costs. 

Sales events attract booming e-commerce

Sales events like AfterPay Day, held in August, saw more than four million households making an online purchase. 

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The Australian Online Shopping Report suggests that Black Friday sales will grow significantly this year. Top brands that will do well include sportswear, beauty products, and footwear. 

Preparing for cyber sales frenzy

Gary Starr, Australia Post’s executive GM, says the online shopping leading up to Christmas will boom significantly during the November cyber sales events. “With increasing cost-of-living pressures, Aussies are being more savvy with their money, which is why shopping purchases stay steady for most of this quarter with upticks driven by key sales days,” says Starr.

However, he suspects a different picture for December. “The cyber sales frenzy followed by the Christmas shopping season will likely tell a different story with strategic shoppers coming out in droves, hunting for bargains and looking to stretch their dollar further, possibly across several stores.”

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