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North America’s first on-demand locker marketplace

North America’s first on-demand locker marketplace
North America’s first on-demand locker marketplace

Harbor Locker has announced its on-demand locker marketplace will be available nationally in North America. The company is positioning itself to grow the sector to 25,000 in 2025. The goal is to improve retail, customer engagement, and experience. This is the first time brands can access a public locker network to help scale their business.  

In September 2023, Harbor Locker launched its solution called Harbor Connect. The initiative helps improve efficiencies and provide alternative drop-off, storage, and pick-up services at scale. It currently has over 9,000 lockers in its network. 

Harbor Locker has a smart solution 

Users integrate an app called Harbor Connect and access a shared locker network. Harbor Connect has some innovative features: 

  • A full stack of programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK) – this gives the builder control over their experience. 
  • Android and iOS compatibility. 
  • Fast, easy integration allows companies to create last-mile delivery, returns, and food delivery opportunities. 

On-demand locker network 

For over 16 years, Harbor Locker has provided clients with an on-demand locker network. This innovative infrastructure is built for organizations to Brands access to a public locker without installing a locker. 

Clients pay-per-use when they access the locker.  The division of smart locker manufacturer Luxer One is on a mission to have the world’s largest locker network.

Parcel locker market 

In November 2023, courier giant UPS expanded its Access Point locker network in the UK. The company will partner with smart locker providers and open 400 new locations where deliveries can be made. Customers can now have packages sent to their nearest location when they are away. This gives customers the convenience of collecting their package at a locker anytime. 

Postal services in other countries like the Australia Post are already using similar services. AusPost recently launched an automatic parcel locker service. Missed delivery parcels will be placed in a free 24/7 parcel locker within one kilometer of the customer’s address. 

Parcel locker in North America

Business Fortune Insights reports the smart locker market size is estimated to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 12.6% by 2030 – this signifies commendable growth. The increase in online shopping is driving the market growth. 

Five reasons for using parcel lockers: 

  • Parcel lockers provide contactless delivery and pick-up. 
  • 24/7 secure pick-up – receivers of a parcel can pick up a package any time. 
  • Parcel carriers are turning to parcel lockers to make their business more sustainable. 
  • Central location points – Easy for carriers to drop off packages, making parcel delivery easier. 
  • Carriers can deliver packages, while a brand/company can focus on important business tasks. 

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