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TikTok rolls out fulfillment centers in the UK

TikTok has stepped into the world of logistics to support sellers in the United Kingdom.
TikTok has stepped into the world of logistics to support sellers in the United Kingdom.

In an interesting, but not unexpected move, TikTok has stepped into the world of logistics to support sellers in the United Kingdom. The company has unveiled its latest initiative called ‘Fulfilled by TikTok’, affectionately known as FBT, which aims to simplify the selling process for UK-based merchants.

Introducing Tik-commerce

As the social networking giant, owned by Chinese firm ByteDance, branches out into new territories, it’s not just about dancing and short videos anymore. TikTok’s ‘Fulfilled by TikTok’ program offers a full-service logistics and fulfillment service for sellers and customers in the UK. This will offer ecommerce businesses more opportunities to reach new customers in person. 

By integrating with the TikTok Shop Seller Center, the company takes charge of every step, right from storing the goods to efficiently shipping them to eager buyers. The result? Hopefully, swift and dependable deliveries at competitive rates.

The United Kingdom stands at the forefront of this exciting endeavor, enjoying the distinction of being the first beneficiary of TikTok’s logistics endeavor. To hop on the FBT train, sellers must be based in the UK and cater to customers within the country.

Get on the program

After registration, sellers hand over a portion of their inventory, which is stored in a local warehouse. When an order comes in, TikTok’s system springs into action: items are handpicked, packed, and labeled before embarking on their journey to buyers. 

It must be noted that TikTok has set strict measures when it comes to fulfillment. According to a report, it vows to fulfill orders made by 7 PM from Monday to Saturday on the same day, thanks to its automated process. 

Reports from various TikTok Shop UK merchants who’ve dipped their toes into this new fulfillment pool have been satisfied with the service so far. According to Ning Cheah, Founder of Skincare and MakeUp brand The Beauty Crop, they’ve “… seen volumes increase by 30%, shipping lead times drop by 36% and late dispatch rates drop by over 45%. It’s made a huge difference.”

The TikTok Shop backbone

TikTok Shop, the virtual marketplace that allows companies to directly peddle their wares within the app’s borders, has been gaining momentum since its launch. 

It’s teamed up with Dutch marketplace integration service ChannelEngine, which manages to connect buyers and sellers. Initially introduced in select Asian markets, TikTok Shop found its way to the UK two years ago, and this summer, it made headlines by inaugurating its first physical pop-up store on London’s famed Oxford Street.

In recent weeks, TikTok has also made it clear that it aims to ship Chinese products to the United States. It’s interesting, considering that it’s partnering with Local UK merchants in this case, but don’t plan on doing the same for US merchants. US lawmakers are not convinced, so it will be interesting to see how it resolves this. 

Though the future seems bright for TikTok’s innovative approach to commerce, the expansion of TikTok Shop to other European and worldwide markets remains a mystery for now. While the company’s UK-based fulfillment services have already marked a significant leap in reshaping how sellers operate, the company’s logistics story is far from over.

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