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Uber Eats will accept food stamps as payment

Uber Eats will accept food stamps as payment
Uber Eats will accept food stamps as payment

With the price of living increasing, giving consumers a tightrope to walk, Uber Eats will soon offer an alternative way to access fresh and healthy food. 

A new feature due to be released later this year or early 2024 promises to make deliveries faster and more convenient while making healthier options. 

Healthcare benefits

Uber Eats is working with Managed Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans to support benefits enabling members to use FSA cards, Flex cards, and relevant waiver payments on Uber. 

Older people can also deliver healthy foods to their homes or retirement villages, including those with disabilities and special needs. “Helping to improve access to quality food is incredibly important to our work at Uber, and we’re proud to use Uber’s technology and extensive local delivery networks to offer Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients the ability to use their benefits to access fresh groceries conveniently from our app in 2024,” reads a statement. 

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History of SNAP groceries

According to Forbes, 41 million US citizens received SNAP benefits in June. The US agriculture department says this is America’s largest food assistance program. In 2019, the government started allowing SNAP recipients to purchase groceries online. The first pilot program took place in New York before it expanded to all 50 states. Walmart, Amazon, and Instacart are already in partnership with the department to allow recipients to do online shopping. 

Artificial intelligence assistant

Uber Eats is also launching a new AI-powered shopping experience, which aims to be more conversational to warm up against those hesitant to embrace AI.

The feature will be launched later this year, during which consumers can chat with the AI assistant to explore new dishes and cuisines. This feature is taking the dining experience to an entirely new level. It will also find deals from popular restaurants and reorder your favorite meals to help save money and time. 

“Soon, AI assistant will also make it easy for consumers to meal plan, find sales on grocery items, and quickly order ingredients for their favorite recipes while sticking to a budget,” reads the statement. 

Uber Eats Sales Aisle will search for promos and deals, categorize them for the customer, and create shortcuts to find favorite items.

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