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Walmart launches on-demand early morning delivery

Walmart launches on-demand early morning delivery
Walmart launches on-demand early morning delivery

Walmart is accelerating its customer service by launching an express on-demand early morning delivery. This new initiative is in line with the change for daylight saving time. Customers can now receive packages on their doorstep as they begin their day. 

The company has been on a mission in recent months to offer customers parcel delivery fast. In January Walmart expanded its drone delivery service in Texas, USA. This sees 1.8 million more homes in Dallas Fort-Worth have parcels delivered to their door. 

Delivery tailored for customer needs 

Part of this new delivery option, starting in mid-March, Walmart will deliver live bait to more than 3,000 locations. 

The company says in a statement: “As we continue to innovate and accelerate, the message is clear: Shopping should be personal and as tailored to fit your lifestyle as those freshly-delivered work shirts. With Walmart’s On-Demand Early Morning Delivery and a suite of other convenient options, we’re making sure you have what you need, when you need it so you can reclaim your time no matter what the clock says.” 

Walmart’s on-demand early delivery service includes baby essentials, workwear, home appliances, and outdoor supplies. 

Here’s a scenario: A customer spills toothpaste on their formal shirt before heading off to an important meeting. This was the last clean shirt in the cupboard after weeks of business travel. The customer will have peace of mind ordering a new shirt with the Walmart on-demand early morning delivery – wardrobe crisis solved. 

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Customer convenience 

Walmart’s dedication to convenience doesn’t stop with the early hours. The company’s focused on providing a seamless shopping experience. Features like its Late-Night Express Delivery, Live Shopper for real-time interaction, and On-Demand Delivery for same-day service are all designed to empower its customers – and save time. 

It’s not just the new delivery option that’s giving Walmart the competitive edge. The company has also focused on using artificial intelligence (AI). Last year, the company rolled out “AI assistants” to 50,000 employees. 

US e-commerce market 

Mordor Intelligence reports the US e-commerce market is expected to grow at an annual compounded growth rate of 14.7% in the next three years. The reason for the significant growth in the market is due to the growing trend of online shopping, high internet and the increased use of smartphones.

“The rising presence of mobile shopping in the US e-commerce market is a growing trend. Smartphones are the most popular online purchase in the United States. This large base of mobile buyers affects mobile commerce revenue, which is expected to account for nearly 6% of retail sales in 2021,” reads the report. 

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