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Where to find customers: New DoorDash study 

Where to find customers: New DoorDash study 
Where to find customers: New DoorDash study 

In an era of on-demand services, it’s tricky for businesses to figure out where customers are and where they shop. Online food ordering platform Doordash has noticed a change in consumer behavior when it comes to shopping for groceries, household items, and personal care. 

“On-demand digital commerce is growing exponentially. Consumer shopping habits and expectations have shifted as a result of having nearly any product available for delivery within minutes,” says Toby Espinosa, vice president of adverts at DoorDash.  

“But it’s not just how consumers shop that’s evolving. How they discover, interact, and engage with brands has changed dramatically over the last few years. Brands and advertisers need to shift their approach, too,” says Espinosa. 

For this study, 1,200 US customers took part in reviewing their shopping habits when it comes to consumables over a 30-day period.  

Takeaways from the report

Accessibility to quick commerce has led to a change in last-minute household needs. This indicates consumers’ desire for faster delivery of consumables and different pay options.  

Quick facts about what the report found
  • 62% of customers are ordering more consumables online than last year.

  • 81% purchase consumables via a third-party app/website like DoorDash, search engines, or review sites.

  • The need for speed and convenience continues to be important.

Top priorities when shopping online
  • Convenience (74%)

  • Ease of use (48%)

  • Speed (46%)

Advertising opportunities on third-party apps

While there is still a demand for quick commerce, advertising opportunities on third-party apps have evolved. The survey highlights the need for change – even in advertising.  

“The expectation is that marketing does not feel intrusive. The report showed that 73% of DoorDash consumers surveyed who had purchased an ad or promotion in the past 30 days did not think a promoted item in DoorDash felt like an advertisement,” reads the report.  

If customers who are spending more time on these quick commerce apps do not even see marketing as advertising, there are significant opportunities locked up for businesses.  

“Consumers shopping online aren’t just channel-shifting from brick and mortar to digital, giving brands an opportunity to reach incremental customers they wouldn’t have otherwise captured,” says DoorDash. 

Adverts can also be used as a “trusted way” for consumers to discover relevant and convenient brands for specific customers. 

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