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5 Ways GPS Tracking Can Improve Supply Chain Visibility

How Route Optimisation Saves You Time And Money
How Route Optimisation Saves You Time And Money

If you’ve clicked on this page then you’ll be wanting to learn the 5 ways GPS tracking can improve supply chain visibility.

Real-time visibility into the location, status, and performance of your fleet operations is necessary for managing a complex and dynamic supply chain. Here, GPS tracking software has the potential to be a game-changer. Supply chain managers can improve accountability, security, transparency, and customer happiness by utilizing GPS technology. 

In this article, we will look at five key ways that GPS tracking can increase supply chain visibility. These include giving clients real-time updates and streamlining delivery routes, as well as lowering risks, boosting security, fostering supply chain partner collaboration, and improving customer satisfaction. 

Supply chain managers can get important information, make wise decisions, and optimize their processes for better performance and customer service with the correct GPS (global positioning system) tracking solution in place.

Locater2u real-time tracking
Locater2u real-time tracking

5 Ways GPS Tracking Can Improve Supply Chain Visibility

Here are the 5 ways GPS tracking can improve supply chain visibility:

Improving Transparency and Visibility

Real-time visibility into the location and status of your shipments can be a game-changer when it comes to managing your supply chain. You can trace the location and arrival date of your items using GPS tracking, which gives you up-to-date details about their travel.

Think about being able to give your clients precise and current information regarding their shipments. No more unreliable delivery dates or hazy projections. With GPS tracking, you can confidently give real-time information to your clients, cutting down on delays and enhancing client satisfaction overall. Your customers will value your honesty and dependability, which will strengthen their loyalty and trust in you.

Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity

By enhancing delivery routes, GPS tracking can increase efficiency in a number of ways. You may determine the fastest routes for your drivers to follow using real-time tracking data, avoiding traffic jams, road closures, and other potential delays. You may lower transportation costs and save critical time by taking the most direct and expedient routes, which will ultimately increase the supply chain’s overall efficiency.

Another area where GPS tracking technology can have a big impact on your supply chain operations is cutting down on fuel consumption. You can track and examine your vehicles’ fuel usage trends with reliable tracking data. This enables you to spot any wasteful fuel consumption, such as poor driving techniques or unneeded idling, and take appropriate action. You may minimize your fuel expenses, reduce your carbon impact, and support a more sustainable supply chain by managing your fuel use.

Also, GPS tracking can assist you in enhancing your performance for on-time deliveries, which is essential for client pleasure. You may take preventative action to deal with any potential delays or problems that may occur during transportation by having real-time visibility into the location and status of your shipments. This enables you to take remedial action to ensure on-time delivery, such as rerouting or expediting shipments. You may increase customer happiness, foster customer loyalty, and gain a competitive edge in the market by routinely meeting or exceeding delivery deadlines.

Reducing Risk and Increasing Security 

Risks and security issues are always top priority in the realm of supply chain management. In order to reduce these risks and improve security in your supply chain operations, GPS tracking can be a very useful tool.

The potential of vehicle tracking to prevent loss and theft is one of its key benefits. You can set up alerts and notifications that will send you an immediate notification if a shipment deviates from its intended course or abruptly stops using real-time tracking data. In the event of any potential security breaches, such as theft or illegal access to your items, this enables you to act quickly. You may reduce the likelihood of theft or loss and protect your priceless cargo by quickly identifying and responding to such situations.

Location tracking is helpful for more than only preventing theft; it may also be used to monitor the weather while traveling. This is crucial for products like perishables and medicines that might be damaged by temperature variations. You can monitor the temperature and humidity levels within the transport trucks with the use of real-time tracking data and ensure that your cargo is being carried in the best circumstances possible. If you can accomplish this and stop your products from deteriorating, being damaged, or degrading, they will reach their destination in the finest condition possible.

Increasing Accountability and Collaboration

You can follow and keep tabs on the performance of your suppliers and vendors using GPS tracking data. You can monitor crucial metrics, like delivery timeframes, transit times, and schedule adherence by having real-time visibility into the movement and status of shipments. You may use this data to find any gaps or potential areas for development by using it to shed light on how well your vendors and suppliers are performing. With this knowledge, you can hold your partners accountable for keeping their promises and encourage ongoing performance improvement.

Moreover, data-driven insights for continual improvement can be obtained from GPS monitoring information. Analyzing the tracking data will allow you to identify trends, patterns, and ineffective areas in your supply chain operations. Finding areas where resources are not being used efficiently and routes that have delays or bottlenecks regularly are two examples. With this insight in hand, you can proactively take action to simplify your supply chain operations, reduce expenses, and boost overall effectiveness.

Real time GPS tracking can improve accountability while also fostering more supply chain partner collaboration. You may increase coordination and communication with your partners by exchanging tracking data, which will result in more efficient operations and fewer delays. For instance, you can provide your logistics service providers access to real-time tracking data so they can proactively plan and modify routes depending on that information. By doing this, you may shorten delivery times, save money on transportation, and boost supply chain effectiveness overall.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Delivery timings are one of the main ways that GPS tracking devices may increase customer satisfaction. You can predict and convey estimated delivery time frames to your clients properly if you have real-time visibility into the location and status of shipments. Its openness lowers the possibility of delivery delays or missed deadlines while also managing consumer expectations. When customers receive their items on schedule and as promised, faster and more precise delivery can make them happier.

Moreover, GPS tracking can give your customers accurate information about the status of their shipments. You may alert them about changes in the location of their shipments so they can make plans and prevent surprises. This degree of openness fosters confidence in your supply chain management, which raises client satisfaction.

Other important components of client happiness are dependability and consistency. You can make sure that your deliveries are consistent in terms of timing and quality by using GPS tracking. You may quickly address any trends of delays or problems in your supply chain operations by examining tracking data. By taking proactive measures, you may reduce disruptions and guarantee that your clients receive their orders on time, which will increase their satisfaction.

Types of GPS trackers
Types of GPS trackers


As a result, GPS tracking solutions have become a potent tool for improving supply chain visibility in a number of significant ways. It makes it possible for clients to receive real-time updates, optimizes delivery routes, lowers risks, boosts security, encourages supply chain partner engagement, and raises customer happiness. 

Supply chain managers may gather vital information, take reasoned actions, and optimize their processes with GPS tracking for increased performance and improved customer service.

The perfect supply chain tool: Locate2u

Locate2u is a dependable and efficient fleet management software that can assist businesses and fleet managers in achieving these advantages. Supply chain managers can get real-time visibility into the location, status, and performance of their shipments using our reliable capabilities and user-friendly interface. 

They can increase cooperation amongst supply chain partners, improve delivery routes, lower transportation costs, monitor fuel consumption, stop theft and loss, and hold suppliers and vendors accountable.

Click here and learn more about how Locate2u improve your supply chain visibility.

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