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GPS tracking best practices

Locate2u GPS tracking technology
Locate2u GPS tracking technology

What is GPS tracking? What are GPS tracking best practices?

Online shopping and home delivery are becoming more and more popular today, meaning delivery businesses need to be more efficient and organized in order to maintain a competitive advantage. 

The most effective tool they have is GPS tracking. Delivery businesses can follow the whereabouts of their vehicles and cargo in real-time thanks to the Global Positioning System, or GPS. 

Businesses may now provide their customers with quicker and more effective services because of this technology, transforming the delivery industry.

How GPS Tracking Works

The GPS (Global Positioning System) is a system of satellites that orbit the planet and provide signals to ground-based receivers.

The signals that the GPS satellites transmit contain both a timestamp and information on the satellite’s location. A GPS receiver detects these signals, and it utilizes the timestamps to calculate the distance traveled by the signals. 

By integrating the time data from numerous satellites, the receiver may determine its location on the surface of the planet by calculating its distance from each satellite.

Benefits of GPS tracking for delivery businesses

Real-time data

Real-time tracking of delivery vehicles’ locations is one of the main advantages of GPS tracking. Due to this, businesses can track the status of delivery and make changes in real-time. 

Businesses may give their clients precise delivery times and update them on the progress of their deliveries by using GPS tracking.

Improved routing and dispatching

Businesses can enhance their routing and dispatching procedures with the use of GPS tracking. Businesses may optimize their delivery routes and save money on fuel by using GPS data. 

In order to improve delivery efficiency, dispatchers can also use GPS data to assign deliveries to the closest available truck.

Reduced costs

Businesses can boost productivity and cut expenses by using GPS tracking. Businesses may cut down on wasteful travel, save money on fuel, and lessen their carbon footprint by optimizing delivery routes. Businesses may enhance their delivery process by identifying inefficiencies with the aid of GPS tracking, which can help them save time and money.

Enhanced security 

By using GPS tracking, businesses may improve the security of their deliveries and lower theft. Companies can prevent theft and diversion by constantly monitoring the whereabouts of their goods and vehicles using GPS tracking. 

Because of GPS tracking, businesses can maintain an electronic record of their deliveries, making it easier to locate lost or stolen goods.

Improved customer service

GPS tracking enables businesses to provide greater customer service by providing precise delivery schedules and updating consumers on the status of their deliveries. Companies can increase customer loyalty and happiness by using GPS tracking to give real-time updates on delivery issues or delays.

Locater2u real-time tracking
Locater2u real-time tracking

GPS tracking best practices

For delivery companies, GPS monitoring can be a vital tool, but in order to make the most of the technology, it’s critical to put the best practices for using it into action. Four essential best practices for GPS tracking in delivery organizations will be covered in this chapter.

Set clear objectives and communicate them to your team

Prior to putting GPS tracking into use, it’s crucial to establish specific goals for its utilization. This could entail strengthening driver safety, decreasing fuel usage, optimizing routes, or improving customer service. 

Once you have determined your goals, make sure your team is aware of them. In doing so, you can ensure everyone is on the same page, with the same goals. 

Establish policies and procedures for GPS tracking usage

Establishing regulations and procedures for its use is crucial to ensuring that GPS tracking is utilized successfully. Rules regarding when and how data is collected, how it is used, who has access to it, and how it is safeguarded may be included in this. 

You can make sure GPS tracking is used consistently and productively by setting clear regulations and procedures.

Provide training and support 

To ensure that your team is knowledgeable and proficient with GPS tracking, it is essential to provide training and help. This may involve providing hands-on training to drivers and dispatchers as well as ongoing support to handle any issues or questions that may arise. 

By providing instruction and support, you can guarantee that GPS tracking is used effectively and that your team feels confident doing so.

Use GPS tracking information to make better decisions

One of the key benefits of GPS tracking is the information it provides, which allows you to uncover areas that might be improved, such as routes or fuel usage, this may include searching through data.

Using this information can boost the effectiveness of your delivery operations and make for a more seamless experience. 

Types of GPS trackers
Types of GPS trackers

Transform Your Delivery Operations with Locate2u’s GPS Tracking Software

Locate2u’s GPS tracking software lets you track the live location of your vehicles and assets, giving you full visibility of your delivery operations. Our software enables you to monitor delivery progress, respond quickly to any problems, and improve customer service.

If you’d like to see how GPS tracking can help your delivery business save money, request a live demo here.

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