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Locate2u is a software platform designed for any delivery or service business. Our solution helps these businesses improve their route efficiency, improve their customer’s delivery experience, and increase productivity, all while reducing the time it takes to plan routes.

How GPS Tracking Can Help You Manage Your Assets

What is real-time GPS tracking?
What is real-time GPS tracking?

Here’s how GPS tracking can help you manage your assets!

In today’s environment, asset management is a vital component of business operations. An asset manager needs to track the location and usage of their assets to guarantee that they are employed properly and effectively.

GPS tracking technology has become an increasingly common tool for tracking assets. GPS tracking entails employing GPS-enabled devices to track the location and movement of assets in real-time. 

What are assets?

Assets are any items that a person or business owns, controls, or utilizes to produce income or support commercial operations. Assets can be tangible (like furniture, machinery, and vehicles) or intangible (like software and intellectual property).

All businesses must have excellent asset management in order to succeed since it ensures that resources are used properly and efficiently.

What is a GPS asset tracking system

GPS tracking technology involves following the whereabouts and motion of assets using GPS-enabled devices. Vehicles, machinery, and other assets can all have GPS trackers connected to them to provide real-time location information. 

A centralized monitoring system receives the precise location of an item from GPS tracking devices using a network of satellites.

How GPS asset tracking can help you manage your assets

Tracking locations in real time

Real-time location tracking is one of GPS tracking’s main advantages for asset management. Businesses can get precise and current position data for their assets thanks to GPS tracking. Using this data can help with route optimization, asset use, and downtime management. Businesses may benefit from real-time location tracking by being able to react more swiftly to problems or emergencies.

Improved use of resources

Businesses can learn more about how their assets are being used by tracking the whereabouts and use of their assets. Using this data will help you use your resources more efficiently, cut down on downtime, and increase productivity. In order to cut expenses, firms might discover underused or unnecessary assets with the aid of improved asset utilization.

Improvements to security and theft prevention

Businesses can increase the security of their assets by using GPS tracking. Businesses may instantly identify any unlawful use or theft by tracking the flow of their assets. By giving law enforcement access to real-time position information, GPS monitoring can also aid businesses in recovering stolen property.

Tracking of maintenance and services

Businesses can use GPS tracking to monitor asset maintenance and service requirements. Businesses can reduce downtime and extend asset life by planning preventative maintenance and repairs by tracking asset consumption and performance.

Increased effectiveness and productivity

GPS tracking enables businesses to optimize routes and timetables, cutting down on idle time and raising productivity by giving real-time location data. Businesses can analyze driver behavior with GPS monitoring to find ways to increase productivity and cut fuel use.

Lowering of operating costs

GPS tracking can assist companies in lowering operational expenses by enhancing asset utilization, lowering downtime, and optimizing routes. Moreover, GPS tracking can assist businesses in lowering their fuel expenses, maintenance costs, and insurance premiums.

Types of GPS trackers
Types of GPS trackers

Implementation of GPS tracking for asset management 

There are various processes involved in implementing GPS tracking for asset management, including picking the best GPS tracking system, picking the best GPS tracking devices, and guaranteeing data confidentiality and privacy. Depending on the size of the fleet and the number of assets being tracked, GPS tracking will cost different amounts.

Considerations for choosing the best real time asset tracking system include the number of assets being tracked, the desired level of detail, and the kind of assets being tracked. Selecting the best GPS tracking tools requires picking equipment that is appropriate for the kind of assets being tracked and that provides precise position information.

Data security and privacy concerns must be considered when employing GPS monitoring for asset management. Businesses need to take action to protect the privacy of their clients, staff, and data.

Scalzo & Wilks Group Saves Thousands Of Dollars With Locate2u GPS tracking

Scalzo and Wilks Group
Scalzo and Wilks Group

One of our customers, Scalzo and Wilks, a plumbing company that implemented our GPS tracking solution to manage their fleet of vehicles and enhance security for high value assets. Using an asset tracking solution solution provided real-time location data, enabling the company to optimize routes, improve customer service, and increase efficiency.

As a result, Scalzo and Wilks were able to reduce travel time, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. The GPS tracking solution also helped the company monitor driver behavior, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and reducing fuel consumption. 

Overall, our asset tracking solution helped Scalzo and Wilks improve their operations, increase profitability, and gain a competitive advantage.

“On average we save $2-3000 per month using Locate2u, maximum $5000”– Fiorella Borsellino, Administration Manager 

Locate2u delivery management software
Locate2u delivery management software

Protect your assets with Locate2u

By using real time data, Locate2u enables you to access asset location. In doing so, you can enhance customer satisfaction, lower expenses, and optimize delivery routes, boosting the performance of your business. 

Click here to learn more about how Locate2u’s GPS asset tracking software can help transform your business and keep valuable assets safe.

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