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How to Use GPS Tracking to Protect Your Assets

How to Use GPS Tracking to Protect Your Assets
How to Use GPS Tracking to Protect Your Assets

So you’re wondering how to use GPS tracking to protect your assets. Let’s get into it!

The widespread use of GPS tracking has benefitted asset protection in a variety of industries. Thanks to developments in GPS technology, tracking the whereabouts of machinery, vehicles, and other valuable assets in real time has never been easier.  

What is GPS asset tracking?

Real-time tracking of an asset’s exact location and movement is possible with the help of a GPS asset tracking system. GPS asset tracking provides a precise and reliable solution for keeping track of your assets, such as your machinery, cargo, and other significant goods, as well as their location and condition.

The process of GPS asset tracking is attaching a GPS device to the asset you desire to track and having it transmit location data to a central system over a wireless network. By viewing the location information on a map in real time, you can keep tabs on the whereabouts, speed, and direction of your assets. 

Some GPS asset tracking systems additionally transmit alerts and cautions when an asset deviates from its intended path or position or when specific events take place, such as the item entering or departing a specified area.

Locate2u GPS tracking
Locate2u GPS tracking

Types of assets that can be protected by GPS tracking

GPS tracking can assist in safeguarding a wide range of assets, including vehicles, large pieces of equipment, freight, and even livestock. 

This can be used by construction businesses to track the whereabouts of their equipment, for instance, or by fleet managers to keep tabs on the whereabouts of their cars. 

GPS tracking can be used in the transportation industry to follow the whereabouts of cargo and guarantee its safe arrival at its destination.

Benefits of using GPS tracking to protect your assets 

Real-time tracking

One of the most important advantages of GPS monitoring for asset protection is real-time position tracking. You may use this tool to track the location of your assets in real-time, which will help you plan out your operations better. 

This can assist you in route optimization, fuel cost reduction, and general operating efficiency improvement. For instance, by keeping track of the whereabouts of your vehicles in real-time, you may see traffic patterns and steer clear of crowded regions, cutting down on travel time and fuel usage.

Real-time location tracking can also speed up your response to accidents or failures by identifying the precise position of the asset.

Theft prevention

The capacity to reduce the likelihood of theft is another advantage of the GPS tracking device. GPS monitoring can assist in thwarting potential thieves and improve the possibility of retrieving stolen goods by enabling you to track the position of your valuables and receive warnings if they are moved without authorization. 

This is particularly helpful for expensive items like vehicles or large machinery that are more likely to be targeted.

Enhanced asset management 

Detailed information regarding asset usage, such as position, speed, and activity, is provided by GPS tracking. Utilizing this data can increase asset usage, decrease downtime, and spot maintenance concerns before they become serious ones. 

You can deploy assets strategically and make sure they’re being used well by doing an analysis of this data. A certain item, for instance, can be underutilized and could be placed in a different area to increase efficiency. 

Additionally, a reliable GPS tracking system can assist you in spotting potential maintenance issues prior to them developing into bigger difficulties, lowering the likelihood of downtime and lowering repair costs. 

Save money

The potential for cost reduction is one of the main advantages of GPS tracking. GPS tracking can help you save money on replacement prices, operational costs, and lost income by lowering the risk of theft, maximizing asset utilization, and boosting operational efficiency. 

For instance, you can save fuel expenditures by using optimized routes to reduce fuel usage. You can also reduce the expenses related to lost or stolen goods, like replacement costs or lost revenue, by lowering the risk of theft and damage to your assets.

Peace of mind

Finally, GPS tracking can give managers and business owners peace of mind. You may feel more at ease regarding the security and safety of your activities once you are aware that your assets are being followed and observed. 

With GPS trackers, you can be sure that you have the knowledge necessary to decide wisely about your operations and act fast in the event of an emergency or potential threat. 

Additionally, being able to keep an eye on the whereabouts and activity of your assets in real time will help you see possible problems and take action before they worsen, which can relieve tension and uncertainty.

Types of GPS trackers
Types of GPS trackers

Types of GPS asset trackers 

Below are three GPS tracking devices that can businesses enhance their fleet management process.

OBD2 port device 

With no installation required because it plugs directly into your car, this small, reasonably priced vehicle tracking device is ideal for fleets that change vehicles frequently and still need to keep track of their vehicles even when they are out of mobile range.

As a result, you will always be aware of where your team is and can confirm their attendance whenever a customer requests.

Rugged GPS hardwired device 

This incredibly tough device is permanently hardwired to your car, providing stronger security and a lower risk of theft. It is appropriate for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and heavy machinery.

This gadget can share your live location with the customer so they can see when you arrive and can help you maintain track of vehicles even when they are outside of mobile range.

Battery powered device 

With this battery-operated GPS tracker, you can track anything without a power supply, including bicycles, pallets, cargo containers, etc.

With a battery life of up to 7 years, this device’s primary goal is security owing to the possibility of goods being stolen and left at the wrong worksite. It also allows for long-term asset tracking and theft recovery.

With the assistance of two screws, you may track whatever machinery or cargo you desire.

The best GPS asset tracker

With Locate2u’s GPS devices, you can track your vehicles and valuable equipment in real-time to get comprehensive visibility over your delivery activities. Our platform can assist you in improving customer service by quickly addressing problems and tracking the progress of deliveries.

Learn more about how you can keep your vehicles and assets secure by clicking here. 

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