Route Optimization

Are you spending hours mapping confusing routes for your business? With Locate2u, you can plan and dispatch optimized routes with multiple bookings in less than 5 minutes. 

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Enjoy faster more cost-efficient routes

Route optimization helps you find the fastest routes for every booking location to improve your business efficiency and reduce operational costs. Whether you have a small team of drivers or large fleet vehicles, you can manage each trip with cost-effective routes that help you save more time and spend less money.

Keep every driver on time, every time

If you want to get the most out of the driving time at your business, Locate2u can help you plan the perfect route. With route optimization, you can improve your driver’s efficiency while eliminating overtime and reducing costs. Our software gives your drivers the ability to:

  • Follow the best approach even during rush hour
  • Easily add new locations to any route or edit existing destinations
  • Get live updates and notifications from each driver

You can oversee each driver’s route in realtime, watch for any deviations from the plan, and see exactly what’s going on and why.

Route Optimization Features

Delivery management

Live updates

Watch deliveries as they go and receive live updates on every movement and outcome, including failed deliveries

Booking optimization

Give your business the ability to plan and prepare a detailed schedule in seconds

Reliable directions

Our algorithms use realtime, real-world data to help you plan the fastest, most efficient routes for your business


Let your customers plan their day with accurate arrival times and notifications of your ETA

Minimize costs

Reduce your annual costs on mileage, vehicle maintenance, labour, and overtime by creating routes with optimized distance and time

Realtime route modification

Don’t stress about a mid-day order. Simply add a new location into your route and let our software find the best approach for you

Seamless growth

Increase business efficiency and watch your business grow by optimizing resources, workforce, and time

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