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Last-mile delivery robot market estimated to reach $13 billion

Last-mile delivery robot market estimated to reach $13 billion
Last-mile delivery robot market estimated to reach $13 billion

Customer demand to get deliveries faster and more conveniently is growing, and so are the opportunities for robot deliveries. According to a new report released by Research And Markets, it’s set to nearly triple by the end of 2030. 

The estimated market value for 2024 is $ 5.9 billion, but it has massive potential to grow over the next six years. 

Robot delivery includes legged robots, unmanned ground vehicles, and drones. 

Research And Markets says there are “emerging opportunities” in the sector, specifically singling out legged robots and unmanned ground vehicles. 

Legged robots and unmanned vehicles

Research hub CSIRO Robotics states that legged robots are built for extreme maneuvering in complex terrains. This includes keeping the robot stable in uneven, unstructured, and unstable areas in tiny spaces. 

Legged robots with “electromagnetic feet” are unique as they can climb steep gradients and maintain “traction on vertical, fully inverted ferromagnetic surfaces.”

The National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Robotics says legged robots can be pivotal in helping rescue teams. “It can carry heavy payloads, perform long-duration missions, interact with the environment, and move in complex terrains.”

Robotic deliveries

A respected brand in the catering industry, Pudu Robotics, anticipates a future where more service robots interact with other smart devices, like opening electronic doors or communicating with televisions or refrigerators. 

Working with reputable supermarkets like Walmart, KFC, Pepsi, and Coca-Cola, Pudu Robotics told Locate2u News that last-mile delivery options with robotics are evolving rapidly.

What will last-mile delivery with robotics look like five years from now? We don’t know. At the speed of how this industry is evolving, it’s anyone’s guess. 

Pudu Robotics says: “We expect technology to play an even more integral role in enhancing customer service.” Whether this means robots will be able to interact with customers after deliveries or take payments remains uncertain. 

Drones dropping off deliveries 

Drone delivery is also becoming faster, more convenient, and more affordable. The well-known Wing drone delivery company has told Locate2u News customers want single orders, like pasta or eggs, delivered to their backyard in under 3 minutes. 

The US-based company is in the process of manufacturing another drone that can fly longer distances and carry more goods per trip. It’s due to hit the skies by next year. 

“Our customers will be able to bundle those orders better, and Wing will have a better capacity to deliver them in one fell swoop,” said CFO Shannon Nash.

In line with what the Research And Markets report states, this year will likely see more last-mile deliveries with drones, as Nash predicts. 

She says there is a growing trend beyond the holiday season that consumers want fast-mile delivery options.

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