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Pre-used car dealership pioneers same-day delivery

Pre-used car dealership pioneers same-day delivery
Pre-used car dealership pioneers same-day delivery

Carvana, an online second-hand car dealership, has now added same-day delivery to their offerings, making the process even more seamless. It’s been described by customers as an easy-to-use process, taking the headache out of the painful task of finding a new car.

In a world where everyone is after instant gratification, it’s hard to believe that car manufacturers are still not progressively exploring ways to fasten the process of buying a used-car. Carvana is leading the way with a new approach to make this a reality for online car shoppers. 

Same-day delivery a first for car dealerships

Carvana takes pre-owned cars, fixes a problem here and there, and then sells it to a new owner. However this process could take longer to repair due to the complexity of finding the problem, the parts to replace, and ensuring the car is ready to hit the road. 

The dealership’s Matt Dundas has told Forbes in a recent exclusive interview that same-day delivery will now be on offer for online shoppers of Greater Phoenix in the U.S. It also has plans to expand to more markets. “There has been a gap in our customer experience since we started,” Dundas told the online magazine. 

The industry is evolving fast, with this new business model set to spread to other companies in the industry.

A car in your drive-way before your Amazon delivery arrives?

“Carvana’s new same-day vehicle delivery option is just one example of how we’re constantly evolving to deliver an even better auto retail experience. It’s now possible to have a vehicle in your driveway before your Amazon order arrives,” said Dundas in a press statement.

Carvana has been branded as one of the fastest growing automotive retailers in the U.S. It’s convenient and offers a fast customer service experience. This while operating in an industry that can be seen as not yet up to speed with technology available. Customers are allowed to browse through the cars on offer online, before making a purchase. For those who don’t need a test drive before making a purchase, this is ideal.

How does the same-day delivery work

Customers can purchase from a wide selection of pre-loved vehicles online. They can view all the different specs and comparing most favourite selections. Customers follow an online process to get pre-qualified and approved within less than five minutes. Within hours, the car is dropped off in the driveway. Even better, the old car or trade-in will also be removed for the customer, to be sold.

Carvana states that it’s only possible to offer same-day delivery to customers due to its infrastructure. “We have nationwide network of inspection and reconditioning centers and a robust, efficient logistics fleet. This is combined with its digitally native purchasing and underwriting that has simplified and accelerated important elements of the online car buying process.”

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