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Streamlining Order Management: Shopify Integration with Locate2u

Streamlining Order Management: Shopify Integration with Locate2u

This article was written by our Full Stack Developer, Marjorie Lim.

So I’m one of the developers who actually started working on the Locate2u project in 2019. My specialty is mostly on the front-end side, making sure that the product is actually user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and the design is minimalist and modern at the same time. When this project was actually pitched in, it was really exciting because we’re gonna make Locate2u bigger, right, on a global scale. 

The company’s vision and mission is changing the delivery experience, helping businesses grow, and making the lives of their drivers actually easier by planning routes that are really fast and efficient. What keeps me motivated is the fact that the product we are building will have an impact on the lives of our customers. I’m working with a bunch of people that are really talented and committed to making the product itself really good and the service. 

In 2021 was when we started building the Shopify integration. I never had any experience in building Shopify apps, so that was the first time I was doing that. This takes your orders from Shopify and sends them to Locate2u which then allows your delivery drivers to have the most efficient routes. 

Once you connect your account to Locate2u, it will give you options to create stops when orders are created inside your Shopify store. You can also choose to create stops based on order statuses like paid or partially paid. 

You have the option to add conditional tags. For example, you can choose to send orders to Locate2u only if they have a specific tag. If you complete the stop associated with a Shopify order, it will automatically fulfill the order in the Shopify store. This eliminates the need for manual fulfillment, saving your time and money.

The integration works well with our Local Delivery app, which we acquired. This app allows your retail store to offer local delivery within a particular radius of your store. You can also export orders from Shopify and import them into Locate2u, streamlining the process. By installing our Shopify app, you can connect your Shopify account to Locate2u and automate the flow of orders.

Locate2u Shopify integration
Locate2u Shopify integration

My typical workday starts with probably a coffee or a tea. I usually start at around 8 am Philippine time, which is 10 am in Sydney. The project I’m currently focusing on is a new feature related to a carrier marketplace. Working on Zoom2u has helped me understand what customers want from a delivery point of view, which has in turn helped me build a very user friendly product with Locate2u. 

Listening to customers is one thing because they actually give us real-life scenarios we probably didn’t think of yet. We tend to keep those requests or issues in mind and build features based on real-life problems to make their lives easier.

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