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Uber and DoorDash employ AI in customer service roles

Uber and DoorDash employ AI in customer service roles
Uber and DoorDash employ AI in customer service roles

DoorDash has launched AI-powered voice ordering technology to improve its restaurant support. Meanwhile, there are reports that its rival, Uber Eats, is also developing an AI-powered chatbot. 

In an interview with Bloomberg, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi let the cat out of the bag, revealing that the company is in the development phase. Khosrowshahi stops short of sharing any specific details. 

Uber and DoorDash are already using AI-driven technology, but these new developments could mean last-mile delivery could become even more efficient soon. 

Half of customers’ calls are unanswered

According to the latest available data in the industry, the Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report found one in five customers prefer to order takeout via phone.

DoorDash says using AI chatbots will be cost-efficient while helping selected operators increase their sales. “By answering all calls and pursuing incremental revenue opportunities while providing an excellent end-to-end customer experience.”

Customers told the fast-food delivery company that many calls were not answered. DoorDash found that restaurants left 50% of customer calls to ring off the hook.

With the new AI technology, DoorDash hopes it will improve customer satisfaction. “During peak times at restaurants, AI will answer calls, allowing employees to focus on providing warm hospitality to in-store customers as opposed to worrying about answering phone lines.”

AI-powered chatbot makes recommendations

Although there has been no independent verification with Uber Eats, Bloomberg says the AI-powered chatbot will offer recommendations to users and a quicker way to place orders.

It’s alleged that this chatbot will ask customers about their budget and food preferences and help them place their orders. Although speculation about how far the tech can help customers and restaurants is rife, Uber Eats has not confirmed or denied the statements. 

Food industry adapting to AI tech

White Castle in the US also added AI voice bots at its front counter last month. The burger chain revealed in a press statement that it will use AI-powered voice bots. It will be implemented at over 100 of its restaurants by the end of next year.

Zohaib Ahmed, the CEO of Resemble AI, told The Food Institute the plan is to make machine voices sound less artificial. “Customers may find it easier to understand and interact with a voice-ordering system that uses a voice that sounds more like a real person, rather than a robotic or artificial voice.”

Wait a bit… there are concerns

Founder of TrackMage, Irina Poddubnaia, turned to her e-commerce network on LinkedIn, raising her concern about how AI chatbots can handle the complexities of food allergies or special dietary needs. 

Wear Your Brand’s head of business development, Stephan Soroka🇺🇦 argues that food allergy control and special diets can be easily tackled through AI and increase customer experience. “I believe that technology development in this field is only getting started. We have a lot to see in the future, and ChaptGPT showed how the game can be changed and brought to the new level in relatively short time,” he told his network on LinkedIn.

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