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Uber and Oracle partner to transform last-mile delivery in retail 

Uber and Oracle partner to transform last-mile delivery in retail 
Uber and Oracle partner to transform last-mile delivery in retail 

Uber and Oracle have announced a new initiative Collect and Receive.  This will allow retailers to offer same-day delivery and returns so that customers can get their purchases fast. On the other hand, retailers will be able to move merchandise more effectively.  

Oracle helps offer retailers a range of retail solutions including cloud-based services. These solutions give retailers the chance to keep track of their business and meet customer demands. Retailer’s transaction data is captured on the Oracle retail platform enabling them to refine and improve services. 

The Oracle Retail platform will now link to Uber Direct. This solution will allow retailers to give customers more choices when it comes to delivery. These are same-day delivery, scheduled delivery options, order pick, and returns to the closest retail or postal location. This new development will also allow retailers to better manage delivery costs and create a more agile supply chain. 

Schedule deliveries in advance

Vice president at Oracle Pat Bohannon says connecting the two platforms eliminates the gap between the sales transaction and customer service.  “Together, we can improve the experiences and profitability of the retail industry by raising the bar to a new ‘premium delivery’ standard where the customer can determine where and when their delivery or return will occur. Combining Uber’s ability to schedule deliveries in advance or on short notice is far superior to traditional last-mile delivery,” he says. 

Allied Market Research says the global courier service market has grown due to the development of the e-commerce industry, and the increase in demand for fast delivery of goods. 

“The advent of online B2B e-commerce platforms is one of the primary factors driving the growth of the courier services market in the B2B segment. In addition, the rise in trade of products and goods between different organizations is anticipated to fuel the growth of the market in B2B,” reads the report. 

Customers expect express delivery 

Data consultancy Edelman Data and Intelligence research shows that 75% of customers expect express delivery as a delivery option, and 72% of customers are most likely to continue using a company that offers this service. 

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says over 3,500 brands use Uber Direct to offer same-day deliveries. “Together with Oracle, we can make it easier than ever for retailers to leverage on-demand delivery and even returns to delight consumers, streamline logistics, and ultimately boost loyalty and sales,” he says. 

Oracle’s Fusion Data Intelligence Platform

In September, Oracle launched a next-generation Fusion Data Platform. The new platform combines data, analytics, and artificial intelligence applications to allow customers to achieve better outcomes. The platform will go beyond traditional data and analytics applications. Users will be able to gain insights based on their workflows.

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