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You may have to pay for your next in-garage delivery through Amazon

You may have to pay for your next in-garage delivery through Amazon

Amazon has decided to stop offering in-garage delivery to customers for free. From next month, a $2 fee will be added to your Prime customer bill if you want to continue to have this unique service.

There are ways to get around it and not pay the fee, but it will come at a cost; you’ll have to wait for your designated Amazon Day. 

What is in-garage delivery

This service is offered for Prime customers using technology to link the app with your garage door. First, there is a set-up process, but once that’s completed, the delivery officer can scan and securely place your parcels inside your property hassle-free. This service helps eliminate parcel theft and potential damage caused by weather conditions.

Parcel theft is growing as the cost of living increases. In Australia alone, more than 4 million parcels have gone missing in the last year. In America, more than 49 million were never opened by their rightful owner. 

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Placing the parcel in a location out of site has been an offering at Amazon for a while, but the giant retailer says it has to start asking consumers to pay up due to economic pressure.

How it works, including safety 

Drivers scan packages for one-time access to deliver inside a customer’s garage. Once the delivery is completed, the driver cannot open the door again. 

While the parcel is being delivered, the recipient gets updates and notifications. There is also an option to watch the delivery in real-time on an optional camera. 

Amazon has been trying to find ways to boost its revenue and cut costs; this is undoubtedly one of its strategies. 

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