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Australia logistics giant partners with OneStop to improve supply chain

Australia logistics giant partners with OneStop to improve supply chain
Australia logistics giant partners with OneStop to improve supply chain

Australia’s largest container logistics firm, ACFS Logistics, is teaming up with software company OneStop to transform the national landscape. Both companies want to optimize container movement in the Oceania region.  

OneStop was founded in 2002 and offers software solutions that assist port companies in improving productivity. It also integrates a client’s sea, port, and land operations. It services businesses such as shipping lines, port and terminal operators, customs brokers, trucking companies, and rail operators. 

The company’s solutions are tailored to each customer’s specific operational requirements. 

ACFS Logistics was founded in 2005 by Terry and Arthur Tzaneros. Its customers include some of Australia’s largest blue-chip companies.  The companies hope to revolutionize the supply chain using OneStop’s solutions. 

Time saving 

OneStop’s depot operating system, called OneStop Modal, will introduce higher levels of automation that will mean faster container transactions and reduce the reliability of manual processes. Its vehicle booking system and optical camera recognition will enhance visibility and ensure paperless solutions for the ACFS Logistics team and see it receive real-time visibility over its container movement. The company will also be able to better manage traffic flow in its facilities. The increased container visibility will ensure a smoother service for ACFS Logistics’ customers. 

OneStop’s chief customer officer Chris Harnett says both businesses will work together to reshape the supply chain for the better. “This partnership stands as a testament to OneStop’s unwavering commitment to drive innovation, foster transparency, and enhance connectivity and efficiency within the Oceania supply chain,” he says. 

Strong logistics industry player

ACFS Logistics is headquartered in Port Botany and operates nine sites. Its services include transport, warehousing, and quarantine services. 

In June 2020, ACFS Logistics acquired Kerry Logistics. The acquisition was strategic, as the company sought to expand into the Adelaide market.   

Software integration 

Integrated software solutions have become an important part of business in the logistics industry. It has allowed companies to eliminate inefficiencies, streamline processes, and give day-to-day oversight into a business’ operations – giving staff a chance to keep the pulse on what’s happening and quickly identify areas that may need attention. 

Software solutions are even there to help a company stay up-to-date with customer needs. Imagine you could pick up a serious problem in a customer’s order through a software platform. Picking up a potential problem could avoid customer disappointment and the loss of an important contract. Technology has become a way of business today. 

Technology helps improve last-mile delivery 

Insider Intelligence shows that last-mile delivery accounts for 53% of overall logistics costs. Imagine implementing a software solution that could save you money. Track shipments and better route plans to help delivery drivers make fewer stops. It all comes down to price. The impatient, demanding customer doesn’t want to wait. Software applications give logistics companies the tools to take last-mile delivery into their hands and monitor shipments from end to end.

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