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Awery CargoBooking platform launches in EU after success in South Africa

Awery Aviation Software (Awery) is expanding its successful CargoBooking platform into Europe.
Awery Aviation Software (Awery) is expanding its successful CargoBooking platform into Europe.

Awery Aviation Software (Awery) is expanding its successful CargoBooking platform into Europe. CargoBooking is an online booking marketplace that facilitates real-time air cargo rate distribution, quotes, and bookings for airlines and their General Sales Agents (GSAs) catering to freight forwarders. 

Its launch in Europe follows the resounding adoption of the open-access marketplace in South Africa. The African country’s launch of CargoBooking garnered remarkable traction, with over 100 forwarders and 15 airlines swiftly embracing the platform within the first five weeks.

The platform fosters seamless connectivity between airlines, GSAs, and forwarders, all without the burden of forwarder registration or transactional fees for any party involved.

Taking flight

Vitaly Smilianets, CEO of Awery, highlighted the platform’s transformative impact on South Africa’s air cargo landscape and says, “Up to 20 percent of South Africa’s air cargo capacity is now supported on CargoBooking, a figure that continues to rise as new users join.” 

The platform is free-to-use and is reshaping the air cargo market. Awery is committed to extending this positive disruption through the strategic expansion of CargoBooking worldwide.

CargoBooking is already gaining traction among European air cargo operators, with users hailing from the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and Austria. Smilianets emphasized Awery’s dedication to promoting digital accessibility within the air cargo industry, offering essential digital solutions without cost. 

This rapid uptake of CargoBooking facilitates better access to optimal rates and contributes to industry-wide efficiency by reducing wasted capacity.

Meet the company

Awery is a software development company, and IT service provider established in 2009 and provides aviation solutions, mainly based in the digital realm. 

In the highly competitive field of air cargo digitalization, Awery distinguishes itself by targeting both airlines and General Sales Agents (GSAs) with its booking portal solution, CargoBooking. This approach allows GSAs to offer freight forwarders an option to book online, effectively white-labeling the platform. The company has seen significant growth in bookings on its platforms, with approximately 40,000 made in the second and third quarters of 2022. Awery’s eMagic platform helps the booking process by automating tasks while still using emails, the primary mode of communication for air cargo bookings.

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Back in February 2023, Awery introduced an open-access version of its online booking and quoting platform in South Africa, Switzerland, and Spain.

Awery’s expansion

Flagship users in Europe, including GSAs such as R-Bag in Poland, ATC Aviation in Germany, Airnautic in France, and Air Logistics Group in Spain, are leveraging the platform to streamline operations.

Looking ahead, CargoBooking is set to provide freight forwarders with access to an expanding array of airlines and GSAs, all offering live rates and the latest service updates across various markets.

In conjunction with the European rollout of CargoBooking, Smilianets also unveiled updates to h2A, an end-to-end airline platform developed in collaboration with Hermes Logistics Technologies. This announcement was made during the Innovation Showcase at the Air Cargo Handling & Logistics (ACHL) event in Athens, underscoring Awery’s commitment to advancing digital solutions in the air cargo industry.

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