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DHL Express introduce dedicated flight between Hong Kong and Australia

DHL Express introduce dedicated flight between Hong Kong and Australia
DHL Express introduce dedicated flight between Hong Kong and Australia

DHL Express, a global leader in international express services, has launched a dedicated air route connecting Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia. This move is to cater to the Oceania-north Asia trade demand. 

This direct service supersedes the previous Hong Kong-Singapore-Sydney connection, in response to increasing shipment volumes between Hong Kong and Australia. Operating from DHL’s Central Asia Hub in Hong Kong, this dedicated route offers five weekly flights directly to Sydney Airport.

Australian exports 

Phil Corcoran, managing director for DHL Express in the country says Australia has signed several agreements with its Asian counterparts. This has played an important role in enhancing the competitiveness of Australian exports. 

“As trade flows continue to expand beyond countries and continents, the need for more efficient logistics solutions become more crucial,” says Corcoran. 

Andy Chiang, senior vice president and managing director for Hong Kong DHL Express, says Hong Kong continues to hold a strategic position as a crucial regional logistics hub. “By introducing new direct flights to Sydney, we are fortifying our network and responding to the robust demand from cross-border trade,” says Chiang. 

Chiang adds that this move allows DHL Express customers to access the Oceania market faster. 

Next-day delivery 

In addition to launching a new dedicated B777 service from Sydney to Hong Kong, DHL has also implemented a direct B777 route between Sydney and Singapore. 

This route operates six times a week and facilitates next-day delivery to Malaysia and Indonesia following the arrival of shipments in Singapore, thereby strengthening intra-Asia trade connections. 

Earlier this month, Locate2u reported DHL emphasizing that the demand for airfreight has increased. 

Global airfreight demand 

Xeneta, a leading ocean and air freight rate benchmarking and market analytics platform, reports the global air cargo market demand rose 11% year-on-year for a third consecutive month in March. 

“The air cargo market has clearly enjoyed a stronger-than-anticipated start to the year, but there’s a different quarter coming along and more capacity coming in, so we do expect an overall downward pressure on load factor and rates, aside from selected corridors where the continuing rise of e-commerce and the residue of the Red Sea uncertainty will continue to boost rate levels,” reads the Xeneta report

In February, Maersk released an article titled ‘Understand the upcoming trends in air cargo for 2024’. Businesses now need to be flexible to customer needs. “With customer demands getting more nuanced, a high level of flexibility seems to be the need of the hour. Air freight operators need to be nimble and provide solutions that lower operating costs and save time,” reads the article. 

Benefits of shipping air freight:

  • Speed: Companies may need stock urgently and choose air freight as it’s a much faster option than ocean freight. The Red Sea crisis may force manufacturers and store owners to look to air freight to prevent a serious shortage in their production line or store shelves. 
  • Reliability: Airlines run strict schedules. These schedules make it a reliable option to air freight cargo. Fresh produce is often flown via airfreight so items arrive fresh at a destination. 
  • Efficiency: Shipping by air freight is a great time saver. A manufacturer may need an urgent part to complete a project. Placing the item as air cargo will allow the manufacturer to save time instead of waiting a few weeks for ocean freight to arrive in port. 

Photo Credit: DHL (Facebook)

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